Second Life News Week #31

General News

XXX Original Event – This is an adult event… shocking, I know you wouldn’t have guessed… All sexy stuff and a load of free stuff (it all lands in the Objects folder) for Maitreya and Slink (both O & H). Plus, some of the free gifts have Standard Size versions included. There is a good percent of guy-stuff there too. And a few gag-gifts that are funny.

Aline Passiflora over on Fabulously Free caught my attention and I followed a link to the event, which ends August… something. The events are on-going. Only this event set of stuff will disappear. You do need to join the free XXX Event Group (SLURL) to get the free stuff.

Nal - Watching You

Nal – Watching You

Blender 2.8 ReleaseRelease is planned for the end of July, which is today Tuesday.

You will be able to get the new Blender here.

Hangars Liquides – Seems the sims have been saved, at least for a time. The crowdfunding effort has made over 55% of the goal. So, the sims will live past the end of July.

However, the full goal has NOT been reached. So, if you can, donate.

Second Life Land Transfers Problem – Tommy Linden made a post on Friday about a hiccup in the land transfer process. Quoting the blog announcement:

Friday at 03:11 PM

Hello Residents of Second Life!

Hi, Tommy Linden here, one of your friendly Supervisors from the Support Department. I’m sorry to bring you this news, but we are temporarily unable to offer Region transfers using USD. At the present time all Region transfers between Residents will be required to use L$ for the transaction amount, agreed upon between the buyer and seller. You will, however, still be able to pay any associated fees in USD.

Not all is lost! The good news is, I have already spoken with our engineers, and we’re working on re-introducing this functionality as quickly as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are moving quickly to make things work as seamlessly as possible again in the near future.

Tommy Linden


Last week we were informed there were to be no updates to the main or RC channels then or this week. So, no news on servers.

Since the last server roll out a couple or three weeks back I’ve been having TP Disconnect problems again. Fire or six TP’s is about all I can make before I get a disconnect. These are all flying and sailing problems.

So far, I can’t find a reason for it on my side or in my connection. Neither can I find it on the SL side. I hit a region and stall. It will turn red if I wait. But, if I haven’t moved in 20 to 30 seconds, I know a disconnect is coming.

An immediate relog and I can come back and enter the red region. So, it appears there is no server-side problem with the region I couldn’t fly into.

I’ve been flying with my 14k-ACI and 64KB-Scripts avatar. The Shergood EC-135 VIP is a heavy vehicle. But I have had way fewer problems getting across region boundaries it in the past.


This is the week of the Linden Summit. So, not much happening from the user perspective. The summit is a Linden get together which I suspect includes some healthy socializing mixed in with its stated purpose of planning what is next.

How much we will hear about the discussions is unknown. My experience tells me will probably only hear some generalities. The Lindens say little about what they are thinking of doing until they know they can deliver it. The Lindens have “avoid disappointing” thing in their communication strategy.

For now, nothing has changed on the viewer front.

The main version is, released week #27. (Wednesday, June 5, 2019)

Other Viewers & News

NiranV may have a fix for disappearing animesh. The problem is described in BUG-227081[ANIMESH] Vanishing Bug. If you have seen this problem you know it is a distracting annoyance. Depending on the distance from the animesh you see it all or just part of it. It is not the common poor LoD thing that can be fixed by setting

Firestorm – Over the last 12± days, the Firestorm Wiki got a large number of updates. If you are having a …problem… with one of the things listed, check out the new page.

1.     joystick

2.     fs_compiling_firestorm

3.     start

4.     fs_very_laggy – Links adapted because of a move operation

5.     fs_intel_issues – Links adapted because of a move operation

6.     laptop_dual_graphics – created

7.     dual_graphics_systems – Page name changed from laptop_dual_graphics to dual_graphics_systems

8.     fs_media

9.     fs_panel_region_environment_tab_fr

10.   fs_older_downloads

11.   panel_region_access_tab – created

12.   phototools_menu_floater_new – created

13.   fs_intel_fix_32bit

14.   fs_import

15.   top_objects

16.   land_general_tab

17.   scriptlimits

18.   preferences_ui_extras_tab

19.   toybox

20.   preferences_firestorm_tab

21.   backup_settings

22.   preferences_audio_tab


23.   texture_picker

24.   preferences_display_tab

25.   preferences_privacy_tab

26.   panel_region_experience_tab

27.   panel_region_debug_tab

28.   fs_panel_region_environment_tab

29.   panel_region_terrain_tab

30.   panel_region_general_tab

31.   panel_region_covenant_tab

32.   panel_region_estate_tab

33.   my_inventory_tab

34.   fs_intel_fix_32bit_new

35.   archive:fs_intel_fix_32bit

36.   intel_vfs – [Windows 10 and Intel stuck at initializing VFS]

37.   firestorm_change_log – [Firestorm Change Log]

38.   preferences_move_tab

39.   fs_asset_blacklist.png – created

40.   firestorm_change_log_6.2.4.57588 – created

41.   downloads – [Current Release]

42.   downloads_new – created

43.   fs_older_downloads_new

44.   fs_height_offset



Singularity Viewer – At the Third-Party Devs’ UG meeting last Friday Inusaito Kanya provided a status update on Singularity (URL YouTube – TM 15:19 – Answer in chat @ 17:15±). There are ‘nightly builds’ people can use to get around the main release version’s reliance on the now disabled UDP asset fetching the current main version depends on. A new main version is nearing completion.

Word is the changes to Singularity have improved stability and performance.

2 thoughts on “Second Life News Week #31

  1. It looks as though the UDP asset-fetching switch-off finally happened sometime in July, after SL16B and much later than expected in March. I think it may be affecting Lumiya, currently a pretty old version, but the only Android viewer I’m aware of.

    I think the situation needs reporting, and a couple of viewers the Lindens make available may have been broken. I don’t know. The Linux Spur viewer, November 2017, may be OK. The Legacy Viewer, dated 2015 is probably useless. No support on either, but I think it’s worth an honest assessment, rather than nobody saying anything.

    I don’t use Lumiya very often. It may be relying on cached data now.

    I suppose the short version of all that is that the UDP story may be over, but they story-telling needs a proper finish

    • The Lumiya discussion has been ongoing for months now. The UDP change hit Lumiya and Singularity.

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