SL’s Top 10 Favorite Sex Places, according to Jessica

Jessica on Second Life Adventures went on a quest to find the top 10 popular places for sex. It isn’t a highly precise survey, but neither is sex highly precise…

★ Look 480

★ Look 480

You’ll find some interesting places to visit. Jessica points out an oddity in the capture-rape BDSM areas of SL, like Public Disgrace. Quoting her:

There is nothing worse than being on a capture / rape type of place and being asked for sex.

Being asked!

Hello guys, just fucking do it, don’t be kind, don’t be polite, don’t ask for consent. Just do it. That’s what a rape role play is all about. I was asked several times for sex. They actually did ask!

I have seen this happen… I think the Left’s anti-male propaganda is having an effect. If you think that is silly, rate THIS on your scale of the ridiculous. They, government, are moving right into our bedrooms…

Jessica has no idea why oRaGsMs is such a popular place. It does get the most traffic of those in her list. I think it is obvious that it is the name. The place is full of newbs… well, a high percentage at least. I think they find it easily in search.

Also, check out the comments. Jessica asks that people post their favorite places in comments and people are.

In the comments, the owner of Sleeping Beauty Sex Sim & Gentlemen’s Club is saying some people, group members I suppose, use the AFK sex places as their SL home… hmmm… might be better than paying rent.

It is pointed out in another comment that AFK places are using more RLV to allow patrons to change the avatar’s junk. So, there is new incentive for people to learn RLV setup. One can use RLV of another without enabling it in their own viewer or having to know much. So, using RLV is not that much of a block for the new peeps. One just has to teach them to click on the collar/relay.

RLV Setup with the two major branches of Open Collar and the animosity between the two is making things a bit more complicated in the RLV realm. The poorly informed and the death of skepticism aggravate the problems. There are tutorials to help. My tutorial is about 3 years old, Second Life Tutorial: RLV, Mesh, and Folders – How it works, How to Use. The folder stuff starts on page 4.


2 thoughts on “SL’s Top 10 Favorite Sex Places, according to Jessica

  1. People asking for sex in a rape sim has very little to do with PC or politics. People just dont get the concept of roleplaying. Also, sex can (and sometimes needs to) be very precise, especially in BDSM.

    • Society conditions people. Our media is filled with content Goebbels would recognize. The conditioning effects all parts of one’s life. Male-female relationships are heavily targeted areas of behavior. It leaks over into SL.

      I agree there is some roleplay experience or lack of that affects some people. The consistent and widespread occurrence of an inability to understand Capture type role play is too pervasive. If it were only an education thing, we would see wider RP problems. As it is we a lot of good role players.

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