Second Life News Week #34

General News

At the Server and Scripting UG meeting, Simon Linden tells us there are several server updates in the pipeline. This means we are likely to see a steady series of updates rolling out.

Oz Linden tells us that soon the server Release Notes will be moving to the new release notes system now used by the viewer’s release notes. Not everyone is happy about that. But, release notes are being moved out of the Wiki.

N552 Family Breakfast

N552 Family Breakfast

The SL Wiki has an update planned. When asked if the SL Wiki was to be phased out, Oz replied, “[2019/08/20 12:07]  Oz Linden: if I proposed killing the wiki, there a[re] Lindens who would show up with pitchforks…rest assured that it is well defended.

One of our background-priority projects that is getting some attention is updating the wiki software, actually … no predictions when that might happen, but Someday™”

So, the wiki is to remain.

There is and has been some discussion about some way of adding script cost… something like Land Impact. The idea is to push people to write more efficient scripts and to wear fewer of them. Rider tells us that is a BIG project and unlikely to happen any time soon. Plus, it is only a popular idea with landowners.

Slink @ Hair Fair – See the announcement here. The hair Slink made available at the fair has an interesting coloring HUD. Lots of coloring control.


The main channel got an update this morning. There is no forum post saying anything about the update. :/ But, a quick look in my home region on the main channel shows it is now running version Second Life Server This the version from the RC channel.

This version is not reported to have the Scripts Run % fix. But some are saying they are seeing better results with this version.

I have been again having problems with region crossings. On the 4th to 6th crossing, I typically get disconnected. With the new version, I made 40+ crossings in this week’s 72 waypoint Topless Cruise before getting disconnected.

In the cruise, I was still finding regions with way low Script Run %. At 40% and below it gets hard to steer and the autopilot (should be named auto-trim) is slow to adjust. So, I’m undecided as to whether this update has helped on the Run % problem.

I won’t know until tomorrow what all got rolled out to the RC channels. As I write Tuesday I am suspecting the Blue Steel & La Tigre update # from last week that failed and was quickly aborted has been fixed (giving it a new build number) and is on one of the RC channels.

Rider Linden says his Script Run % fix will be one of the RC updates.

RC Channels…?… We got a post about 10:30 AM SLT Wednesday morning. After a few people were asking what’s up this morning (Wed) in the SL Forum. (my response) The Lindens in the Server-Scripting meeting and those in the Beta Server UG seem to have rather weak communication channels.

I can’t tell if Mazidox, Caleb, and Bugsly Linden are limited in what they are allowed to say or they just don’t know the details. I seem to get different parts of the story from different groups.

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum are getting version # This is listed as “Internal Script Improvements”.

This would be the version Rider Linden was talking about. While this has some Script Fixes, they are more along the line of improving the efficiency of Listen and other idle tasks. While this could improve Script Run % and Spare Time, I see it as more of a general attack on script performance than as specifically targeted at the sudden drop in Script Run % and Spare Time that hit a few weeks ago.

AFAIK, Listen performance has not changed in a long time. So, I think Riders deciding to fix Listen efficiency is something he saw that could be fixed when he went looking for the cause of the sudden dip in script performance. I suspect he or someone is still looking for the cause.

Finding the cause is likely to require a significant amount of data collection and analysis to find. So, we’ll see that work listed as Internal Changes.


The default Linden viewer is version First released Monday, August 5, 2019, and promoted to the main viewer last week #33.

Other Viewers

Black Dragon – NiranV is telling us there will be no updates for a few days. Seems NiranV lost a hard drive. So, work on BD stops until the drive is replaced.

Kokua Viewer has not updated this week. But, the team has announced they are updating the software used to update the viewer and track bugs and changes. A 6.2.4 version is coming soon. It will be built with the new tools.

RLV – This viewer just updated. Download: WindowsMac/Linux.


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