Second Life Rubberbanding and Problems

Rubberbanding is what Second Life Players call it when you are walking along and suddenly snap back along the path you were walking. It seems you have to walk parts twice. This is caused by lag, I think in this case mostly server side lag. Whatever the cause it is annoying. In combat sims it distroyes game play.

There is a JIRA report on the problem. Vote for a fix here:

Mono Lag

There is also the problem of sim lag cause by Mono compiled scripts in attachments. A couple of people entering a sim with Mono compiled scripts create a sharp lag spike. One can test this for themselves. There is even a ‘near griefer’ script on the JIRA for testing the problem. However you can test it with a ZHAO II AO also. I compiled mine to Mono thinking it would make things faster. Noooooo. It makes sim crossings miserable. The related JIRA is:

Mono is a good thing. The problem is only at the initial rez in sim. So, attachments on AV’s are a big problem. Otherwise once something using Mono is rez’d in the sim and one is past the initial lag spike it reduces lag. so it is better in the long run. There are JIRA’s on this also. See:

Since there is a big hit on rez… bullets with Mono scripting are a gigantic problem for combat sims.

Low Frame Rates (FPS)

Many people have been experiencing reduced frame rates with the newer viewers. Not just those with weak graphics cards either. If you are running into that problem, post your computer specs and vote for this JIRA:

Google Chrome Blog Problems

A few people have run into problems with Google Chrome and blogs. See the solution posted at New World Notes: Trouble Viewing NWN in Google Chrome?

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