Second Life News Week #26


The main viewer is version, the NVIDIA fix for Win-10 build 1903 (? Did I get that right? Memory) Released week #24.



Nothing exciting in SL Viewers this week.

I tried the EEP viewer this past week. There was fog no matter what I did to get rid of it. That may be a region thing. So, I’m back in Firestorm.

Other Viewers

Black Dragon 64x – Update 3.5.0 “Searching Dragon” – Little bug fixes.

Catznip R1.2.2 Beta 3 / RC – Sun, Jun 23, 2019 – quoting the in-world announcement, “We just pushed a new/last R12.2 beta; it fixes another couple of crashes and should hopefully fix the issue that some of you are having with distorted graphics when closing Catznip.

This will become the main viewer in a couple of days so even if you’re not fond of betas, now’s the time to at least try it for a little bit to spot whether you’re going to have any trouble later next week!

Get it from:

The graphics problem on closing was an SL thing recently fixed in the Linden Viewer.

With Catznip you can now adjust the offset distance for your name tag. How awesome is that? There have been so many times I needed to do that because a game status thingy was behind it.

Kokua Test RLV – This is a time limited version…  I didn’t understand whether it was to be available for a limited time or only run for a limited time… The announcement is here.

They are testing the FMOD component, which is the viewer’s audio engine.

They mention that Firestorm is adding some features to FMOD for Firestorm’s next release. The changes are going to be picked up by Kokua.

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  1. Why are you posting a link to a quack news site? It’s not hard to verify a news source these days.

    • I thought it was easy to check website credibility. But you may have proven that not to be the case.

      First, your link sends me to a check for Climate Change Dispatch (CCD) on the website Media Bais/Fact Check. But apparently, you didn’t check the Media Bais site. Look here:

      Second, To verify whether I, CCD, and Just Facts are right, you might have done better to first check whether or not the writing of CCD was accurate. Google:

      Or you could have checked various news sources to see if Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar did actually make such a speech. He did.

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