Second Life’s The Wastelands

So, what is The Wastelands? It is a game within Second Life™. It is a bit different. It uses a somewhat typical post-apocalyptic setting. The 10 regions making up the game area are all Moderate rated. Full nudity is prohibited and no sex… O.O

Also, the game has been around since 2006. Making it definitely an SL classic.

This video was taken as I begin to explorer The Wastelands. I happened to be there when the monthly meeting was announced and The War Zone game started. Luck. I don’t plan to video the meetings. This is a one-off type thing.

I clipped out parts of the video and sped up parts I left in. So, reading the chat as it scrolls by won’t get you a transcript of the meeting. So, I have a transcript below.

The War Zone game as I understand it is a control the flag game. I have seen it played and heard the rules explained once. The flag is radio-active. So, carrying it will kill you. As you run with the flag the other team is trying to kill you. You are going to die. But, games have the ability to resurrect you. At the end of the game whichever team controlled the flag the ‘most time’ wins. And… you have to stay in the region.

There is a fans’ mobile ‘bleachers’ that follows the flag. You sit on it to follow the moving game. That is kinda neat. It is jerky. So, that is what you see in the jerky parts of the video. It isn’t my computer stuttering. Continue reading

Second Life Third-Party Dev Meeting

This week was a <15-minute meeting. So, not much news.

On the viewer front, there are no imminent updates. So, we likely won’t see any RC or Project viewers changing status this coming week.

All I ever wanted.

All I ever wanted.

The new server-side capabilities were deployed. The viewers haven’t been released. They are still being tweaked. The Abuse Report category change from built into the viewer to delivered by the servers hickuped. The Lindens left out the ‘localization’. Oops. English only. That is being fixed.

Bakes-On Project Viewer passed QA, Oz was unsure of when it was being released (ta-da: released 3/30). See the release notes.

BUG-215951Option to allow nearest neighbor on textured faces. The feature request was rejected. So, this is an example of what a definite Linden ‘no’ looks like.

I take it that some core functionality in the render engine would have to change and the Lindens don’t see an acceptable benefit ratio.

The Lindens are aware of an HTTPS problem for those scripting HTTPS data transfer. They plan to fix it, they just haven’t gotten there yet.

That is about it for the meeting. This link to the video leads to a very quiet meeting this week.

Myst-Uru 2018 Status

The official name Myst Online: Uru Live™ is a game that started about the time of Second Life™, 2004±. Both are multi-player, persistent games. By 2007-8 Second Life was peaking and Uru Live was closing. Those that played Uru were enchanted by the game. For many playing it was a parent and child time of bonding.

Fans saved the game by paying for the servers to run it and the original authors, Cyan Worlds, Inc., accepted and have kept a playable version online. The game moderators that kept the game safe for children are no longer around. So, it isn’t the kid-friendly game it was.

Uru has been called the game that ‘would not die’. Many have predicted its demise. If you click here in CATEGORIES (in the right-hand column), Myst-Uru, you can see my writing about the game over the years. The game has lots of history and exo-drama, drama outside the game. But, while it has survived the drama, it has taken a toll. Continue reading

SL and Other News Bits

Star Citizen now has 2 million user sign ups as it nears Alpha version 3.1. At US$45 per sign up, that is $90 million…

Save Our Lives, sad… as other news sources dig into the recent march the mainstream media story is falling apart. Many, like myself, wondered how high school kids could organize such a march and handle the logistics of contacting participants, moving them, providing for them, and acquiring a meeting place in D.C. Much less pay for everything.

Don´t trust me

Don´t trust me

A deep look shows the actual numbers are more in the 200,000± range not 800,000 and 90% of the 200k were adults >=40-years old. So, not really a student movement as is being reported.

Detective Novels – You may not know but one of the Second Life™ residents writes novels using their SL name as a pseudonym. Caitlin Tobias has written a review of the PUBLISHED novels, Huckleberry Hax – AFK, all of it. The book is out in hardcover, paperback, and digital. Awesome. Continue reading

Second Life Forum Cover Photos

I spend time helping people in the SL Forum, mostly in Answers. A question came in about making a Cover Photo… a what?

SL Forum Profile with Cover Photo

When logged into the forum open your profile. There are a couple of ways to do that. Up in the upper right click your name and select Profile. Or on any forum page where you have posted click your profile image. Continue reading

Second Life News 2018 w13


It is Tuesday (well, would have been if I had remembered to post this…) and the main channel was updated to version # The changes are the ever-occurring Internal fixes then logging to help diagnose an issue with in-world HTTP servers returning HTTP 503 (BUG-214702), adding a new capability to request IMs that were delivered to the requesting agent while the agent was offline, and adding a new capability to request the most up to date list of abuse report categories.

Yellow Bag

Yellow Bag

Until we have a viewer update that can use the new caps, we can’t see or use the new additions.

Wednesday, the Blue Steel channel will be updated with version #, ‘internal changes’.

Le Tigre and Magnum may get an update. The Lindens had not decided on a version as I write this. The entry for these channels is a little confusing as they show the # version, which I suspect many will assume is an update going to these channels. But it went to the main channel and may remain in these RC channels. Continue reading

Star Citizen – Open Sandbox

Every so often I look around to see what is happening in the gaming world. This week STAR CITIZEN’S CHARACTER CUSTOMIZER is the subject of an article on Massively (3/23/2018) that caught my interest. They featured this video. While it is an interesting video of what is happening in the design room, we never get to see the character creator. 🙁

But, skipping through the video made me curious. I wanted to see what the game will look like… this video is the impressive one, IMO. The size of the world is amazing. But at time mark 19:00 you are finding the planet was just a small part of this virtual world that is truly a virtual universe.

It is pretty impressive. The size of the cities is surprising. What gets really amazing is the trip up to the space station (time marked link opens a browser). Then the jump to the next system and a trip down to the surface of another planet. For now, the universe in Star Citizen is limited. This is alpha.

By the 32:00 time mark they are down on the ground showing of the detail of the planet. Continue reading

SL and Other News Bits 2018 w12

GA.EG has a gum chewing, bubble blowing animation for Jennifer. The chewing animations are awesomely cute.

This is what bento is about. The neat animations we can build.

Ryan Schultz is writing about his Pet Peeves in Second Life™. The great part of the article is he gives solutions for all of the solvable ones. The solutions are free. So, you’ll want to get them.

Freebie stores… Ryan has his rant on those. I agree with him. There are really bad freebie stores. There are also some good ones, He lists a couple. A favorite of mine that he likes is Free Dove.

In 2008 when I was a new avatar Free Dove was my store of choice. Some great designers had introductory gifts. GuRL 6 had a free hairdo for those newer than 30-days old. I jumped on that. I bought a bunch of GuRL 6 hair once I figured out how to earn money, my stripper-days. I still have some GuRL 6 do’s I wear. The ACI is pretty good. But, GuRL 6 is no more. 🙁

Oculus Go – A new cheap Oculus is coming. Word is this year. Stated price US$200. For details see the long article, Oculus Go world premiere: Acceptable compromises, amazing quality. Consider this, Hands-On: Oculus Go – The Gear VR Killer.

So, will Go wipe out sales for Gear VR, DayDream, and similar phone-VR headsets? For those that don’t have or are avoiding an update of their smartphone, yeah. The phone-VR field has its problems and dedicated VR headsets are a better choice on several points. But, the price is still holding back VR adoption, IMO, and supporting the cheaper phone-VR headset market.