Second Life – Content Creation UG Meeting 2017 w26

I missed the first 10 minutes of the meeting as RL was intruding. There are Two interesting parts. Toward the end of the meeting a discussion of copybot issues starts. That section and an hour long post-meeting is in another video. When I get it uploaded, I’ll link to it from this article.

I’ve used bold text to highlight subjects in the outline summary of the meeting. You may remember, I use these videos to learn about video editing for RL work. Premiere, in general, or maybe just on my computer, is broken. So, I cannot currently use titles or text from within Premiere. So, this video is mostly about audio for me. In that area, because I used Firestorm (FS) I had to learn more about audio cleanup. Maybe if I knew more about FS, it would be less of a problem.

Medhue caught the entire hour-long meeting on video (HERE). My video picks up about 10 minutes in (1:10 PM SLT). Medhue skipped streaming the post-meeting. He was there for most of it. Inara has not posted her summary of the meeting. So, I don’t know if she’ll touch on it or dive in. I’ll dive in.

In the 10-minutes prior to my video starting, Vir Linden was following up on a question about whether animating attachment points is (will be) allowed and whether meshes can weight/rig to attachment points. The Linden viewer currently blocks animations and meshes that do. The servers, however, will allow it. So, for now things are a bit inconsistent. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w26


There was no roll on the main grid today. Still on version #

There are to be rolls on the RC channels. Blue Steel and Le Tigre will get # This is Internal Fixes and an update from

Magnum will get # This is an OS upgrade (Nothing is changing functionality-wise). There have been some problems and the Magnum update last week was rolled back. So, a new try this week.

Reading time

Reading time


The main Viewer updated from to – Release Notes:

This viewer moves fetching of several types of assets to HTTP. This means that landmarks, wearables, sounds, and animations will now be fetched the same way as textures, via a direct query to CDN instead of through the simulator. This should generally make loading of such content both faster and more reliable. Twice the fetching and half the crashing with this new build.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Is updated from last week’s version

Second Life Voice Viewer version – Is updated from last week’s version

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – This one also updated, from

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change.


See: Tumbler – Flickr – ATT/Yahoo Email Users in Trouble – Take Action

Tumbler – Flickr – ATT/Yahoo Email Users in Trouble – Take Action

Urgent! – Urgent! – Urgent!

Take action to save your Flickr account.

Dennyc commented (thanks) on my Flickr Sold article and pointed me to Flickr and Tumblr Users With AT&T Emails Are About to Lose Access to Their Accounts.

You may not have realized Yahoo and AT&T had, past tense, a close relationship. Yahoo was the mail service for AT&T customers. Yahoo allowed the AT&T address to be used as an ID for Yahoo services. Tumbler has been and is a subsidiary of Verizon. Now Flickr is too. Apparently, the email relationship for ID purposes is going away June 30… within 2+ days. Continue reading

Flickr Sold

You may have heard Yahoo is failing. You may or may not know Flickr is owned by Yahoo. So… the sale will impact the large number of Second Life™ users you can find on Flickr. (Like me.)

The Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, that has lead Yahoo into a desperate sale in an attempt to survive and will likely walk away with US$137 million separation bonus for her failure to turn the company around.



It is only speculation to say what may have happened if someone else had been CEO. Nor is it possible to know what political in-fighting went on within the company and whether Marissa managed to fail on her own or was the sacrificial goat. What we know for certain is a lot of people do NOT like her.

Still, on June 14, the deal closed and Yahoo sold for US$4.48 billion. Continue reading

DIY – Building your own Computer

I’ve been building computers on and off since…  whenever. This is a video that shows a quick build for those that have never built their own computer. It is from ASUS, my choice in motherboards. They deliberately make it look easy. While I am sure they ran into problems when building this unit and then edited them out, this is pretty real.

For instance, the radiator and memory conflict they mention. First time through this would be an almost certain gotcha. It would normally require some disassembly, new plan, and re-assembly.

If you are wondering how he knows what wire to hook to what connector, it is the motherboard manual that explains that. Computer assembly is pretty much a paint by number thing these days. The complication is in knowing what they are calling things.

The home for ASUS on YouTube is here. You’ll find a full parts list on this page. Continue reading

Firestorm 5.07 Released – Should you update? Why?

Tuesday the 19th, a new Firestorm Viewer version was released,

You can download and install this new version. There is no need to remove the previous version you are using. Some of us (yes, me) have noticed it crashes shortly after its first launch. On the second and subsequent launches, it seems fine.

The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair VIII

The Girl with the Sun in Her Hair VIII

I suggest you restart your computer before installing. Inara in her review of this release (here), recommends backing up your viewer settings before starting the install. I didn’t have to restore any settings. BUT… if you are changing from 32 to 64-bit version, a settings backup is a good idea.

The Firestorm team has a goal to release an update every 3 months. It has been 6 months since the last release. So, there is a lot of work in this new release. Plus, they say it is very well tested. Continue reading

Second Life – News 2017 w25


Tuesday version # of the server software rolled to the main channel. This is primarily a fix to keep regions from losing their connection to the backend servers.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre get the same new package # Changes are listed as ‘Internal Changes’. I suppose that is more changes to data collection. Maybe updates to the server OS.

Bond - Austin Bond

Bond – Austin Bond

Magnum gets version # There is also an explicitly stated update of the OS for this channel. Plus, a couple of fixes.

  • BUG-100830 HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER no longer works on RC
  • BUG-100831 Lelutka Simone bento head spits a script error when attached on regions (Magnum & Cake)

Bug-100830 is the Song Board fix. If you didn’t read the previous article, be warned your song boards are not going to start working.  Continue reading

Second Life – Shoutcast – Why did Song Boards die?

Clubs and various places in Second Life™ use scripts to pull the name of the song playing on their media channel. Recently, the LL function call to request HTTP GET/PUT process changed. In doing so it broke most of the scripts used to get song names.

I must warn you ...My Thoughts are dangerous and impure

I must warn you …My Thoughts are dangerous and impure

The thread about the problem, DJ Board Display Not Working Properly, started in late May. BUG-100737Shoutcast receivers unable to relay on RC Magnum was filed soon after. By the end of the month, the Lindens had figured out the problem and were looking at a fix. BUT… the fix will require the scripts change.

If you can’t hear the screams of agony and frustration… get your hearing checked. Continue reading