Sansar Breaking 2017-09-08

Today Sansar will get the update we’ve been looking for. This has the ‘keyframe’ animations. Or for SL peeps animesh. Plus, the terrain editor and other stuff.

Sansar will be down for 90 minutes or so while the update is rolled out.

There is a problem if you are a Win 7 user. See “Your version of Windows appears to be out of date” – warning after install.

There is a little more information in the 9:30 Product meeting in the last 10 minutes of the video I am uploading. But, nothing to help with the problem.

Word is that lots of user stuff breaks in this update. I think that is user scripted things…

Sansar is not at the point where there is any backward compatibility. There is no Backward. So, users deal with stuff breaking. Which means we can’t sell stuff as the customer complaints and updates would be overwhelming.

By the time the 4 PM Meeting happens the update should be out. There should be a couple of Product Team members at the afternoon meeting. Only Cara made it to the morning meeting and she couldn’t get her mic working.

If you don’t know, you can do a Sansar viewer reset by clicking into My Look. So, when in an Experience click into My Look. When you come out, you pop back into the same instance of the Experience. It avoids the instance full problem that often blocks returning to a meeting.

Sansar Meetings 2017 w36

This week the Sansar Casual Meet Ups are at The Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon at 2 to 3 PM PT Monday thru Friday. The Experience takes a bit to download. So, give yourself extra time for your first trip there.

Sansar: Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon – Atlas (Large)

It is a bit hard walking in this Experience. At least in desktop mode. You’ll need to use Ctrl-Mouse to target then left-click to go there.

Sansar: Lost Canyon Actual (Large)

Also, as of today, the promised Sansar update is not yet out.

The Friday Sansar Product Meet Up will be at 9:30 AM and 4 PM PT in the Astro Port. This meeting is likely to reach the Experience’s population limit, 40±. So, be early. And I suggest you visit the location Thursday to have the Experience cached.  Continue reading

Blender 2.8 Overview

New in Blender 2.8 is an over view of Blender 2.8. The current version of Blender is 2.78c. A Blender 2.79 RC2 is available for download now. So, the 2.8 overview is a what’s coming type thing.

I’ve been seeing the Eevee word for some time. I know what PBR is, Physically Based Rendering. Meaning it looks more realistic. Eevee is Blender nickname for the render engine in the coming Blender. If you don’t know Eevee is also a whole Pokemon thing.

So Eevee is way neat. What we are getting that is such a big deal in Blender, in other words, is real time rendering in the viewports. Blender rendering has sort been a same day kind of render. Those grainy windows that progressively got more and more clear.

Now all the light and objects will render in real time.

The grease pencil is getting an update. If you don’t know the grease pencil is used more and more for modeling. But, there are 2D artists, think cartoons, that need better 2D tools. They are getting them. The 3D modelers will see more abilities added from the new grease pencil lines that are objects.

Workspaces are improving. These allow a UI configuration for different tasks. I have a UI arrangement for my animation and another for my modeling and weight painting. We’ve had that UI workspaces to a degree. They are pushing farther.

In Blender, we have had 20 layers to put things on and hide them or show them. The Layer system will no longer be limited to 20. The Layer paradigm is changing and Collections are being added.

An asset management system is coming to Blender.

As most of these are not things done to mesh or animation, what we do in that regard isn’t changing much. How we do it is significantly changing. The Eevee PBR engine is going to save us tons of time. This will be an update most of the SL users will want.

Second Life News 2017 w36

Monday was a holiday in the USA. So, things are running a bit behind this week. We may see some more viewer updates later in the week.




The deploys thread in the SL Forum hasn’t updated yet. As of 8:50 AM PT this morning my in-world tracking has not shown a restart. Those happen for my region before 10 AM and usually before 6 AM PT. So, if there are rolls I expect a one-day shift.

I may update this article after the Server & Scripting UG meeting today (noon PT).

PS: There will be a roll to the RC channels Wednesday. Blue Steel and Le Tigre will get # and Magnum gets # Cake is updating too, but I don’t have any info on that update.


I’ve added links to the various viewer downloads in the blog-roll, left column.  Continue reading

Second Life – Content Creation 2017 w35

This was the first meeting in 3 weeks, Vir Linden, the meeting facilitator, has been on vacation. Next week there is no CC UG meeting because of the monthly Linden Staff meeting conflicts. So, savor this one.

Medhue streams the meeting live on YouTube. (With his new 21:9 ratio monitor.) The video remains on YouTube so, you can watch it at your convenience later or live as it happens. I usually record the meetings also, but this one I won’t post as I don’t have the time to process it and I see no point in having two raw footage videos. Plus, too few watch it anyway. About 3 times or more people catch Medhue’s video. So, I’ll probably skip publishing future processed versions.

I provide an index to the videos because I often want to refer back to something in the video. Text search works thus my indexes. AFAIK, there is no searchable way to find information in video format.


01:00 – Vir Linden is talking about the Animesh Project Viewer. This week three LSL commands are now appearing in the SL Wiki, being new.

These show in the wiki as feature requests. Until the project viewer is released, they cannot be used.

There is no ETA for the project viewer. While it is way off, I think there is a good chance it will be this year. Continue reading

Sansar Product Meeting 2017-09-01

Well, the new update was rolled back a few days. They had hoped to roll it out Thursday. Now it looks like… may be Tuesday… Wednesday… sometime next week (#36). So, we aren’t hearing much new news in this meeting but questions were getting answered.

And there is a US$10,000 prize being offered. Look for red highlight.

And… Maxwell’s RUNE is awesome. My Myst friends should like it. Even more awesome is his Ant Farm. Explore to find it. This video doesn’t show the ‘Experience’ off well. It does give me the incentive to figure out how to get my Gear VR working with Sansar.


I’ve clipped out 20+ minutes of rambling. You see a page peel every so often that denotes a part was removed.

00:00 – Hellos, voice checks… Jenn arrives.

00:52 – Meeting start, Cara Arrives

02:00 – Terrain Editor – promised in this coming release.

02:20 – Audio Streaming – Not just Shoutcast, others too.  Continue reading

The Challenge of the Ignorant

Hamlet has an article about those that think Linden Lab® stopped updating Second Life™ and that the recent announcement of ‘millions’ being invested in Second Life this coming year is proof Sansar is failing and the Lab is ‘desperately’ returning to support SL. (Reference)

If you follow Second Life’s development news, this probably sounds ridiculous. It is.

‘Trust me… SL is dying… horribly… heheheha’

But, I see this idea, that development of Second Life has stopped, coming up in several places. August 1, Cindy Kraai posted Will LL have any plans upgrading SL after Sansar beta? Cindy has been around since May 2010, that’s 7+ years. Yet, she has no clue what is happening with Second Life development. Reading through the thread I find the amount of misinformation and ignorance amazing, not surprising.

Then there are those that are so sorry for poor newbies that have no money ($L). (Reference) They feel these newbies should somehow be helped. You see people quickly divide into the victim (or the ‘they’ are victims you [, not me] have to do something) versus self-reliant (DIY) groups on this subject. Continue reading