Adult Places Info 2017 w43

The adult scene is continuously changing just as everything else is in Second Life. Some things I’ve noticed recently.

Abducted by Aliens has closed. A financial thing. If you joined the group, stay in. Rumor says they will be back. (reference) I thought it fun and funny. 🙁

Alien Art – Click for MP

Dirty Rhythms is an adult region advertised as;

Adult sex and swingers resort and nude beach. DR has everything for discriminating adults. Hot sex with all the best gear in SL. Make your fantasies come true. Hot nude beach and sexy party spots for you and your friends. Be sure to visit Teasers!

You may not know it recently moved. I had to update my Land Mark (URL) a few weeks ago. It was a busy place, a good pick-up place. Now it is deserted, very few people there. So, bring your own stock of preferred sexual preference. Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w43 Update

Today I couldn’t be at the Server-Scripting UG meeting. But, I made my avatar fill in. So, this late in the day post after I read the chat log.


The Server Scripting UG didn’t provide much more news. There was no roll to the main channel. The RC’s got the same package as last will some updates to those ‘internal fixes’.

Simon Linden said, “I don’t have any official announcement or news, sorry.

However … here’s what’s been said:  ‘Some of our recent internal fixes included changes to our backend systems which will no longer allow certain exploits used for duplicating no-copy content, and make it easier for us identify when anyone uses similar techniques in the future. We haven’t solved all the problems outright, but we’re making good strides.’”

For content makers, this is good news. The change was implemented with the last four weeks or so. So you should see changes.

Also, “…there’s a new region ‘Crash Me’ on Aditi.   If you can demonstrate a new way to crash things, that helps too. …please test your stuff on “Crash Me” on Aditi and drop Mazidox and myself a notecard with results. Any news like “this still crashes” please keep confidential. I’d love to know of any methods that will still copy items, … please put them in a SEC JIRA.”

Second Life News 2017 w43


This week the Deploy notice was earlier than usual, arriving Monday morning. That is very nice and helps a lot of people.

The main channel gets no update this week.

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum will run version # The release notes describe the update as … they left it blank… lol.



Last week at the Beta Server UG, Mazidox described some of the changes listed as ‘internal fixes’. These have moved into the active version so he would talk a little about them. They were changes to close some exploits used to copy no-copy items. Other than that, he was not willing to say more.


The main viewer is (Release Notes) – Updated in week #42.

Second Life Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change since week #37.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This version updated since last week.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – This version updated last week, #42.

Second Life Wolfpack Viewer version – This version is an update. The previous version was released in week #39.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No update since week #27.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – This is the first Tuesday news update since this project viewer was released. See Second Life – Beta Animesh is HERE.

I’m short on time. So, bye for now.


CPU’s – Intel 8th Generation and Second Life’s Viewer

Technology is advancing. A year ago, I was building my new machine and researching hardware. CPU’s were a major consideration for me. What was the best gaming CPU and what was important for good performance in Second Life?

That last question is a significant point of debate in Second Life. I think it mostly comes from the lack of information about how the viewer works. In SL it seems old information hangs around forever. The viewer is changing just as technology does. Since Oz Linden’s arrival and later promotion to director (?) of Second Life development the backside of Second Life has been getting lots of attention, especially for the last year, 2016-2017

Quantum Computer – Available now online…

So, most of that old information is wrong. In particular, the idea of whether the viewer runs multiple threads. It does.

A thread in computer-geek-speak, is an independent task, like decompressing an image. Other independent tasks would be retrieving the image via download or finding it in the cache.

A CPU can run a single task. We now put multiple CPU’s, called cores, in a single CPU CHIP. So, a single CPU chip is really multiple CPU’s and can run multiple tasks in parallel.

Intel has been steadily improving their ability to task switch. A CPU must pull program instructions and data from computer memory. To speed things up there are subsystems that set up program instruction cues and data cues. What Intel calls hyperthreading is the highly optimized process of switching out data and program instruction cues for one task for another. The effect is a 6-core CPU can perform as if it were a 12-core CPU, almost. It is so close that for most purposes we consider it as 12-core. Continue reading

Second Life – Beta Animesh is HERE

This week the awaited project viewer for Animesh was released. See Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version here.

2017 Oct Animesh Test

Release Notes:

This is the first build of the Animesh Project Viewer. Animesh is a new feature under development that allows non-avatar objects to play animations like avatars do today. Animesh is still under development, so the new features will only work in supported test regions on Aditi. See the wiki page for details on how to get started with animesh. You can report problems with animesh in our JIRA and discuss it with other interested residents at the Animesh Forum .

For more information, see our blog posting.

This viewer ONLY works on the ADITI – Preview/Beta Grid.

Lindens are answering questions in the SL Forum. Please read the thread before asking your question.

The announcement for Animesh is here: Join the Project Animesh Beta – New Support for Animating Mesh Objects.

The details are in the SL Wiki here: Animesh User Guide.


The only place Animesh works is in the Preview Grid (click for info). If you have never logged into ADITI, you will need to try and likely fail. Then contact support and tell them you tried to get into ADITI for the first time and cannot get in. They’ll fix you up. Then you’ll be able to log in.


Medhue has some Bento tutorials that should help with animesh.

Otherwise, it is too early for tutorials. There are problems with animesh. The basic mechanics are working. But, amimesh’s right and left click behavior, various alignment issues, attachment issues, and Pathfinding integration have some issues.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709

My laptop and desktop have both updated with a new, big update recently. So, what changed?

Microsoft tells us we can now have 3D models… really!?! There is a Mixed Reality Viewer and a Mixed Reality Portal. The viewer will allow you to view 3D models and turn them 360×360. If you have a camera connected to your computer you can put the model in the image the camera is capturing.

Mixed Reality Viewer – 2017-Oct


Microsoft quickly points one to a site they call Remix 3D, to get more 3D models. It requires a Microsoft account. Unless you are particularly alert, you had to open a Microsoft account to get your Windows 10 working. So, for most this won’t be a problem. But, opening a new account is easy. – This MS Account thing is obviously some nefarious plot to enslave the world…  Continue reading

Second Life News 2017 w42


This morning I’m not sure if we are getting a rollout for the main channel. My ‘region restart detector’ isn’t showing a restart this morning. Actually, no restart since 9/26.

LOTD 262 ☼

LOTD 262 ☼

There was no Deploys-post for this week until about 11:30 AM PT. A couple of people are complaining in the forum about the lack of any information this week. We’ll see if they show up at the UG meeting.

Caleb or Mazidox Linden usually post the server updates in the forum and wiki. No posts either place as of early this morning.

From last week, we know the RC releases were explained as ‘internal fixes’. If there is a roll to the main channel it will be one of the 2 RC’s running this past week.


We did get a post so my post is a bit scrambled.

# went to the main channel. However, my home region as of 1:45 PM PT is not showing a restart.

# will go to Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum Wednesday.

These both have only internal fixes listed. Continue reading