Interesting Second Life Avatar: Snokra Snake

It is a cute avatar. But, I find it interesting because of what is included in the package, which makes this an awesome deal.

Snokra Snake (SL Marketplace)

Snokra Snake by EpicGordon Broome

The features currently available with V0.9 are;

  • Well over 130 animations
  • Bento support, with tons of hand poses, tail poses and tail animations
  • Expressive face, with several shape controllers, jawtalk, and a hissy tongue!
  • Multiple chest sizes and nether states
  • Toggleable cobra hood
  • Easy-to-use applier systems
  • HUD driven alpha masking
  • Recolorable eyes
  • Shinyness slider
  • Eyelid and jaw controllers
  • Jawtalk
  • Three skins, which will be closer to 30 by release

Plus, notice in the image that Developer Kits are freely available and the item is copy-mod OK. That makes this a great learning tool and allows people to make clothes for Snokra.

For more of a review of the item see NiranV’s review here: The Snokra Snake & Content Creation. Also, more images.

Third-Party Viewer UG Meeting 2017 w50

This week lots of things got discussed and explained in the third-party UG meeting. So, we have some information on Second Life™ viewers and some hints on the directions the Lindens are going.

I have some time mark information in my summary. Some of the sections I’ve just said what they are about as the discussion is too time consuming to accurately summarize. These are sections you should watch if you have an interest in the subject.

Alex Ivy has one more bug to fix, an updater problem. It is expected to release Friday, as another RC. With any luck we will see the version go out as the main viewer before Christmas.

There are some challenges getting the Linden Updater working with third-party viewers. Oz Linden says the Lab will work with third-party developers that want help with it.  Continue reading

Content Creation UG 2017 w50

Thursdays are becoming busier for me. I find it harder to get to the Thursday User Group meetings. Fortunately, Medhue streamed the meeting.

The audio is horrible.


02:00 – Bakes on Mesh Project. Under way. No time frames. They think it is going well.

The idea they are operating on is the change for baking on mesh objects (all objects?) will be only viewer side. The idea is they will use magic texture UUID’s. If the system sees a magic UUID the texture information will be sent to the Bakes on Service.

Vir Linden points out this leaves some questions unanswered. They have yet to figure those points out. In progress.

04:25 – Animesh. There is an update to the Appearance Service in the works. As there are calculation the service has to do depending on what you have attached to the avatar. Think of it as the height thing for those of us wearing spike heels… but not limited to.  Continue reading

Internet Freedom

The Net Neutrality issue has been buried in in Leftist rhetoric. Almost all the coverage has been one sided. I have yet to see any major news outlet actually quote what the roll-back plan is or what the rules will be. Most coverage has been hysterical fluff and misdirection.

Today there is an article in the Wall Street Journal that does a decent job of giving the other side. You can decide how real or fake. I’ll point out most people will have a hard time figuring out the truth after the flood of propaganda they have endured.

The Internet Is Free Again (there is a pay wall) You can find summaries of the article but most are not actually dealing with the substance of the article. They just make assertions and state opinions. So, you’ll have to wade through the bias and propaganda to find the actual content. Plus there are all the #InternetFreeAgain slams from the clueless that have drunk the Koolaid.

The short version of the story is the subtitle of the article: Killing Obama-era rules will remove the FCC as political gatekeeper. The gatekeeper aspect is why I have consistently opposed Net Neutrality in the USA.

Almost all the coverage has been about how the change WILL cost you more money and restrict your access. It is how they motivate the generally apathetic that are not paying attention. Both are lies, but that gets lost in opinion and prediction neither of which can be debated. The hidden agenda that the government had taken control of the Internet to control political content was never mentioned.

Nor do they mention the always increasing cost of government regulation nor the regressive effect on low and middle-income people. The more likely factor to drive up everyone’s cost is government regulation.

So, the deed is done. The FCC has rolled the regs back freeing the Internet. Amazingly supposedly freedom loving people are screaming about that.

Now the political effort from the Left and various misinformed parties is to kill that freedom and give government regulators control over politics on the Internet. Make sure you know real facts before joining any political campaign or movement for or against NN. Way too often the campaign psychologists have figured out how to get people to act against their personal best internet.

Linden Lab Copyright Goes Nuts

Strawberry Singh is dealing with the Lab banging on her for a copyright violation at YouTube. See: Trademark Complaint Received from Linden Lab.

Strawberry writes, “I didn’t think that would be an issue as it says on their Trademark Guidelines page that journalists and media outlets have special permission to use it in blog entries etc…


I’ve read that. I understand the rules to be pretty clear the problems are about impersonating Linden Lab or Second Life, doing something to make the people seeing the logo think you are associated with the Lab, a product is made by the Lab, you are some part of the Lab or represent it in some way.

Strawberry is not doing that. While I can suppose someone might make that mistake watching Strawberry’s video tutorial, I do NOT think it a reasonable conclusion.

So, I understand the information the same as Strawberry does. So, what’s up? We don’t know. Of course, YouTube isn’t waiting around. The Lab complained and YouTube loaded the 12ga and said move it. With almost no time and the Lab doing the old single lame answer and then stonewall, Strawberry had had no choice but to take down her 2 SL intro videos.

If the Lab provides no discussion or clarification, this will through a chill on people making SL tutorials that show how to join or use SL. F______g dumb. People use logos and trademarks in all sorts of stuff. Admittedly with permission, which the LL Trademark Guidelines give and the context in which they can be used. Companies like CokaCola allow broad use of their trademark on just about anything but a competing can of soda. They understand the importance of having something promoted.

I suggest you jump over to twitter and pop off a tweet to @ebbealtberg. Give him a link to Strawberry’s blog and ask, what’s up with that?

May be use the hashtag #berryCopyright.

…or maybe this is some devious plot by Drax…  naw, he likes Berry. No matter how many more viewers she gets than he does.

Second Life News 2017 w50

It is the holidays and everyone is busy. Plus we are coming up on the No-Change-Windows. So, while there is some news, things are slow.


Last week the email update rolled out. So, if you haven’t verified your email address, you have stopped receiving your offline emails of IM’s.



Main Channel – We get an update to version # All we know about this version is there are internal changes.

If you think about the usual pace of server development at the Lab, which we see when shinnies are in progress, and the months of ‘internal improvements’, where we aren’t seeing much change, you start to think the Lab is slacking off. I doubt that.

Since the community is complaining about content theft, we’ve had a few hints they are dealing with it, and we know the Lab doesn’t talk about security fixes… I assume there is quite a bit of work going on to fix exploits. But, we can’t really know.

RC Channels – No update this week. The RC’s will continue to run last week’s version # Mazidox Linden found a bug in the planned updates and stopped the release. So, next week… probably not. That is the start of a no-change-window. Continue reading