Second Life is in the Cloud

An article appeared on SL’s Featured News page: An Update on the Second Life Destination Guide.

We know all the region servers are now running in Amazon Web Services aka THE CLOUD. A number of backend services were moved before the region servers. The uplifting of all the services needed to run Second Life™ and render it was announced January 5, 2021, in a featured article: 2021 Update: Life in the Cloud. They were announcing the completion of the move to the cloud.

The idea of SL being completely moved to the cloud depends on who is speaking and what they are thinking of as the Second Life SYSTEM and what they mean by ‘moved’. On a general and practical level, Second Life is in the cloud. In Strawberry’s article of January 22, we are told the Destination Guide is in the cloud and running too.

The guide began its uplift on December 22. That completed this month on 1/22. So, one can quibble about when exactly what was ‘moved’ and ‘completed’. I suppose it matters for some. For me, I have seen a mix of better and worse performance in SL. And all that matters is the ‘worse’ parts are getting better.

I can sail and fly with fewer problems. Region crossings are more reliable and faster. I still crash on the occasional region to region teleport or crossing. Overall, it is way better.

Now the destination Guide is in the cloud and that move is considered ‘complete’. I suppose that means now everything works as intended and it can be updated by staff.

During the transition, the guide hasn’t been updating. There is a backlog of new sites to be added to the guide. Strawberry Linden is promising to have a bunch of those in the guide by next Friday (1/30). She’ll post more information about the update then.

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