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Back in December of 2019… that long ago? …I wrote a review of available women’s genitals. See Second Life Vaginas: The V. That is the vagina for the Maitreya body. Now there is a version for Slink Original and Hourglass and Inithium Kupra (with a 50% off Kupra version until Feb 14, 2021 – see details at the in-world store. – MAP URL). The marketplace URL is here (URL – NSFW).

A working girl…

I got the Slink Hourglass demo. It comes with Slink Classic and Redux versions. Both in the same package. If you don’t know Slink, the Redux version is the version highly optimized for BOM. Slink Classic is their older more complex applier style body. Whichever you prefer, they have something for you.

The Original and Hourglass versions of The V are different and NOT interchangeable. So, for Slink users that frequently swap between Slink bodies like I do, they will need to make a decision. Hourglass or Original or buy both? They don’t have a package deal for buying the two.

More pages… links below.

The marketplace price is L$1,990. You get a lot for that price. You can look at the list of stuff in the marketplace. It is huge. There are no in-world sales. They have a store but only sell The V via the marketplace.

Skin matching is a breeze. I was trying out the Redux (BOM) version. I was wearing my tan-lines. They worked beautifully in the Hourglass demo. It just matched. I think that was luck. I had to spend a few minutes getting it perfect when I bought the Slink Original version. I tweaked the outer labia color to get a perfect tan line match down where the sun doesn’t shine. I am impressed. BOM has its advantages. They did a good job of skin-matching with The V.

There is a HUD just for color tweaking. It provides for inner and outer labia using preset colors and a colorize section that lets you tweak the color of everything. See the image.

The V color HUD

As I noted in my previous review, a special texture is used to avoid the problem of the SL UV Mapping distorting textures between the legs. From looking at the HUD it looks like one can use either the SL UV or the special UV The V uses. I didn’t experiment with it. I assume it is for those that are trying to make a texture or using a third-party texture.

The V has all the basic stuff that comes with female genitals. However, even the basics have some extras. Opening the vagina has 5 levels of open. Plus an extra setting I have only seen on The V which is “Push-In”. This is a setting for wearing The V under tight-fitting clothes. It does what it says, moving the labia farther into the body so as not to poke through clothes and have to be alpha’d.

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  1. Could you also cover the Sensations Vagina V7 please? 🙂

    It also has a ‘push-in’ feature

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