Second Life: Paying for It

No… not for SL, for “it”. For those with the standard perverted mind that generally lives in the gutter the intent for “it” is obvious, SEX.

I write when I think something is interesting (sex qualifies), surprises me (I didn’t know that), or is a happening thing for SL residents (oh, there are people here). I recently came across Bar No.5 (map URL) in an area labeled Street Whores in the region Hoogenach. The region qualifies on all three. While the bar isn’t all that busy it is notorious… well… to some. I hadn’t heard of it.

Waiting in an empty bar…

For some reason, I had gone over to Caroline’s Second Life Adventures (NSFW URL) and saw a couple of posts on Bar No.5. Hmmm… so what is this place? Candy, the girl in the post, was having fun. Curiosity. I decided to check it out.

I had to do some searching using the viewer’s search to find the bar. One has to enter Bar No.5 with the period and no spaces between the ‘No’, period, and ‘5’. You find the region Hoogenach, which Google Translate thinks is Dutch but the translation makes no sense.

Whatever, the region looks like the typical get-laid trashy region. Looking around for rules I found the group joiner. There are a number of ‘Whore Street’ groups. Clicking the joiner sign links you to Suzi’s Sluts – Always Available (URL – 3,155 members 12/24/2020). Membership lets one use private rooms for free.

There is a group for the working girls and for the guys wanting them, punters as the guys are called here. The guys’ group is Streetgirl Punters (URL – 315 members).

Both are free to join.

The rule in Hoogenach is there is no free sex. They have an Information place in one of the buildings for the girls. Tips on how to get guys and run your business. One girl even kept stats and figured out which guys to spend the most time with and to invest time talking with.

This is what she found. Those that walk up and say just “Hi” you can ban/block and lose little income. Of that group, about 10% are going to pay for it. Interesting. Of those that say Hi and add some conversation about 50% will pay for it. The last group says Hi and asks for a specific service and about 84% of those pay for it.

It is obvious which type of client to spend your time talking to. I am finding that most guys that just say “Hi” in any circumstance are not worth my time. I’m polite but when they say “Hi” and nothing else, they are starting with one strike.

I did finally find the RULES for the region. This is a No Free Sex region. Minimum L$300 for I assume penetration.

I found the bar. Cute little place and interesting animations. I ended up switching to Black Dragon to tweak the poses and get some photos. No one hit on me. So, the timid are safe going for a sexy photo shoot.


Because I was taking photos and it’s the Christmas season I was in and out of the bar at different times of the day. There seem to be 10 to 15 people there all day long.

The women are friendly. And I spent some time talking with them. Those I saw there were way cute.

Another oddity is there are no tip jars. Seems it has something to do with the type of region. One makes tips by selling drinks. The bartender gets the money from the drink sales …or something like that.

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