Second Life: Sessions’ Vagina for Slink

Of course, you can also turn The V invisible. Click the eye showing in the upper-far-left. Also, there is shine you can adjust. Piercings you can enable disable and in the Texture HUD, you can color the piercings.  

The V includes pubic hair in different trim styles and 4 colors or you can again use the Texture HUD to colorize the pubs. Then come the animations, sounds, Bento facial expressions (which are NOT guaranteed to work with all heads, of course), an animation adjustment tool, and a settings panel.

I have no idea why breast and booty deformers are included. But they are. I suppose they are there to help with getting animations to fit as there is also an animation adjustment panel.

HUD’s Appearance page

This is a very impressive genital package.

You can see more of it in action in the Sessions’ The V tutorials. These are for the Maitreya version and look to be a little old. I still think they are a good example of how things work.

For those that know about and use Project Arousal, there is a plugin for use with The V. I’ll have to chase that down. Project Arousal is great fun for spontaneous sex anywhere.

Looking at the marketplace page for The V I find there are 900+ reviews, as of 1/28/21. The ratings are impressive; 862 are 5-star, 57 are 4-star. The 3, 2, and 1-star ratings total less than a couple of dozen. I’ll be giving a positive 5-star review.

I have images of the version for my Slink Redux Original body. I took these as I was demoing and later setting it up. None of them are safe for work. You have been warned.

First image: The V HG Demo on Slink Redux HG – In this image, I just put it on and had not matched color. Or positioned the pubic hair, which in the demo cannot be moved. It can in the full version.

Second Image: The V HG on a Slink Redux Original – You can see the poor fit. It has to be HG to HG or O to O.

Third Image: The V Original on my Slink Redux Original – I bent over to check the position of things. Often genitals move the vaginal opening too far forward. This one seems to be about right.

Fourth image: The V Original on my Slink Redux Original – This is The V after I color-matched to my tan lines.

I took a pic looking up the tube, but decided not to show it. However, the vagina is hollow and extends up inside the body. IMO, this is about the most realistic vagina I have seen.

I have been wearing VAW’s XTC – Inner Only RIGGED vagina (L$1,200). I like it and it is nice. Simple, easy to use. But trying to do a comparison point by point: VAW loses. And there is more coming according to Angi Manners, the creator of The V. So, even with L$1200 versus L$1990… I am glad I got the The V.

I think there will be issues using The V with other accessories, piercings, and such. There are a lot of animations that move things around. I doubt many will be rigged the same way. So, they won’t move the same. This may be why it comes with so much included.

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  1. Could you also cover the Sensations Vagina V7 please? 🙂

    It also has a ‘push-in’ feature

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