Firestorm 6.4.12 Released – Yay!

Firestorm has released (12/10) a new version of their viewer. This is about seven months after their last release and about 4 months after the release of their beta version for EEP, Enhanced Environment Project.

Winter Season – Ooops….. by Jessica Boo @ Flickr

I am not going to review the viewer as Inara has a good review up here. You can get the update from the splash page of the Firestorm Viewer or download it at the Firestorm website.

If you chose to install the beta version then there is a gotcha in this version’s install. The 6.4.12 install program overwrites the version prior to the beta version or the previous ‘main version’ install. You’ll have to manually remove the beta.

Removing Extra Firestorm Versions On Windows-10

This is not something you “have to do”. I do it to keep my computer cleaned up. I ended up with the new 6.4.12, beta, and an older OS Grid version all installed. The 6.4.12 version replaces the beta for practical purposes and I don’t go over to OpenSim these days. So I removed both of those because I won’t be using them.

You may think cleaning up your installs then installing 6.4.12 is makes for less chance of making a mistake. It may. However, if you update from Firestorm’s splash screen that is not possible. You will be cleaning up after the update. But, not to worry. If you pay attention to the popups that come up during Windows’ uninstalls of other versions you’ll be ok.

You cannot have 6.4.12 running and uninstall older versions. It must be closed to run Windows uninstall.

Open Windows’ APPS, aka Add or Remove Apps. In the Add/Remove panel search for Firestorm. It will list the versions you have installed. Look at the dates. If you already installed 6.4.12 then the newest version will be the 6.4.12. Click on the older versions and select UNINSTALL. Follow the directions that come up. When asked about registry settings and files, select KEEP. Be sure you keep the registry settings and related files. If you delete them here that is no recovering them. But a re-install of 6.4.12 will restore the registry values.

Inara suggests backing up your viewer settings before installing 6.4.12. Good plan. Do it. But that is NOT a backup of the settings and files Windows-10 is asking about removing. So, pay attention to the uninstall questions.

If you screw it up, it is not a big deal. In the worst case you’ll have to manually download the new viewer version and install again. As I pointed out, that will replace any registry settings you might manage to remove.

However, if you are big on keeping chat files, screwing up here will be painful. You will have to go into Windows’ Recycle Bin and recover the files. Avoid that by paying attention to what you are doing during the uninstall. Or move the files prior to starting any uninstall.

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