Photoshop CC 2021

I’m over my CoVid-19 and have much of my stamina back. Hikes are close to 3 miles now. So, I am getting there.

I have the new Photoshop and have been playing with it. This video takes you through the new features and changes. I chose this one because of the time mark references in the description.

Photoshop 2021 Released October 2020

Much of the ‘NEW’ is about the Neural Filters which are Artificial Intelligence in action. Some of them require access to a cloud account and are processing on Adobe’s remote servers rather than in your computer. They can take almost a minute to respond. There is only a small easily missed indicator that anything is happening. Took me a bit to figure out I just had to be patient.

Most of the Neural Filters are amazing. Some… they aren’t quite ready for prime-time, which is why those are called BETA. Even if not that great now, we can see what is coming.

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