SW Animated Bento Vagina New RIG Version 2.09

by Stylish Way Production L$1499 – Mesh, Rigged, Bento – Maitreya & Slink HG. Tested with Slink HG.


Unpacking this is a pain. These are boxes within boxes. Until you get where you see a HUD in the folder, you are still opening boxes. Annoyingly tedious and confusing. Persist.

Credits 👇 NEW POST ♥

Credits 👇 NEW POST ♥ – Nal: Can’t find the blog…

Product Image: NSFW

You need Omega to apply your skin. This Omega relay is L$149. It is also an installer, if I read right. I like using my tan lines skin so the relay would be a must for me.

There are six included skin colors and six pubic hairstyles built-in. The Adjustments tab will let you tint the included colors and I suppose your applied skin.

I didn’t get the pubic hair to work until I figured out it is a separate attachment. The fit of the vagina is excellent. The tummy, butt, legs all blend together well with the vagina on my Slink HG. The pubic hair fit… not so excellent. But the hair looks really good from a meter or more away. If I were to buy the Omega Relay and put my skin on the vagina I expect the seams to nearly invisible.

The opening of the vagina is animated to simulate arousal and penetration. Three of the new Bento bones are used. There is no hand-clit integration… or I didn’t see that add on.

While the animations are interesting I doubt they are much use. As one of them simulates the vagina open as the penis head enters and closing as it slides out, I doubt it will ever be in sync with any thrusting pattern in any animation. To really work all the related animations would have to be made to specifically work together. Mix and match with animations is unlikely to ever sync up.

There is also the problem of getting a male penis that is the right size so one could see a benefit from all the animation efforts.

Script load is heavy. The main HUD needed during sex is 1,840KB, the vagina is 608KB, and the pubic hair is 192KB for a total of 2,640KB.

ACI adds about 17k

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