Second Life: Breast Deformer… more

OK… I don’t have a total fixation on breasts… really! However, I suspect my inner child may identify as male. But, there are so many interesting ways to enhance breasts…

Catrie Resident told Scylla Rhiadra who posted and I saw about Birth’s Boob O Matic (L$675-MP $875-In W). Yep. That is what they call it. On name alone, I would have to look to see what it does. I had the same question about my first training bra. What does it train them to do? Whatever, I headed to Birth’s shop to find out.

There is a whole thing of Boobie and butt toys at Birth’s shop. The link above will take you there.

Boob O Matic is described as a Breast Deformer/Positioner. There is a demo in-world at the shop. I found it rather an odd type of demo. Like most poses and animations you have to try it in the store.

You sit on a pose ball, get the demo (which sitting on the pose ball gives you) and wear the HUD. Very atypical.

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Second Life: Things I didn’t know about Breasts

Seems everyone has a fascination with female breasts. Guys stare and women judge… sort of.

I was in Second Life™ when Avatar Physics was added to get breasts to bounce and jiggle. Bellies and butts jiggle too. Not many mesh bodies include belly and butt jiggle. But they all include breast jiggle. That probably says something.

I was also in SL when people were figuring out how to make mesh clothes that fit. In that process, Karl Linden made the first pass at fitted clothes with an idea we called the Deformer. (That SL Deformer history is here – 2012-13) With the Lab’s shift to fitted-mesh, the Deformer idea was dropped.

Trying the Breast Deformer – Pack A

However, our persistent fascination with breasts has led to BREAST DEFORMERS… I didn’t know we had working deformers these days. So, off I went to check it out.

Scylla Rhiadra started a forum thread titled Breast Enhancers / Deformers? Starting with Gravity Enhancers. Whaaaat?

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Another Photoshop 2020 Thing

There are a number of things in the new Photoshop. This is one I don’t remember seeing mentioned by others. I think it is handy for making pattern backgrounds.

While I am pointing out somewhat ignored features I’ll include this WordPress-Facebook feature.

In WordPress when posting there is a feature section labeled Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags. You may have to go into WP’s settings and enable Open Graph display on the editor. Whether in the Classic or Block editor the section will appear below the bottom of the editor.

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The SL Vagina Summary


I was looking for a replacement for my 14MB Xcite! genitals when I started this series. The V would have been my choice if I wore Maitreya. Before I saw The V, I would have bought the Vajayjay, also Maitreya only. I am noticing a trend…

# 206 Halo

# 206 Halo

I was disappointed there was no demo for VAW. But I bit the bullet and bought it. I am not very happy with it. I think it is overpriced and the promo material is lacking in giving an accurate explanation of what one gets. But, 1.4MB of script weight is WAY better than Xcite!’s 14MB of script load. So, for now, I tend to wear it.

I am still undecided whether I can color VAW’s to suit my pickiness. I am not doing so well. I’ll hope to see VAW come out with a BoM version.

I can hope Anji will make a version of The V for Slink Redux. I also hope the ability to tint the Labia Majora and outer skin is added.

Click Vagina to see all the reviews in the vagina series.

What have I missed?

I suspect I have missed some products. If you know of one I didn’t cover, let me know in comments. I may check it out.

Also, which vagina brand do you like and why?

Second Life Vaginas: The V

by [Session] L$1,190 — $3,200* – Mesh, rigged – Maitreya only – Demos available.  !BOM!


This is the first vagina I have seen advertised as BoM ready. I think that is sort of misleading in this case. The HUD suggests that reality too. The Labia Majora is excluded as it should be colored by BOM. At first, I couldn’t get that to work with the demo. I thought I was probably missing something as these are sold as different skin tones and promoted as BOM… (WTH?) How is that?

✨ Hunt Dolls ✨

✨ Hunt Dolls ✨

Product Image: NSFW

This vagina is interesting enough I contacted the designer and provided my first draft of the review. I got feedback and now think I understand why this model is as it is.

BOM is going to add a complication for those designing vaginas. The UV Map in the crotch of the Classic avatar and most mesh avatars leaves a lot to be desired. Especially when a woman spreads her legs. Angi Manners (anj4) the designer of Session products decided to solve that problem by not using third-party skin on the vagina. No BoM. Doing so makes for just too few pixels in the area. Instead, she chose to use a custom Hi-Rez 1024×1024 texture and materials with a custom UV Map. Otherwise, this part of the avatar would be very low-rez… basically fuzzy and not in a good way. Continue reading

Second Life Vagina: Xcite! X4 Female Starter

Pack by Xcite! L$1500 – Mesh, unrigged – All bodies. No active customer support or updates in the last 12+ months. They still have a fireworks show several times a day.


As I wrote earlier this WAS the Cadillac of genitals up to about late 2016. Something happened about 2013 and they dropped the ball. From there it has gone downhill.

# ♥1366

# ♥1366

Product Image: NSFW

In 2013-16 there were a fair number of people that knew how to RP with Xcite! So, getting the addon lips, nipples, butt, thighs, feet, etc. was worthwhile. Younger residents don’t seem to have a clue.

These days almost no one knows how to use Xcite! For that matter, few know how to do much of anything or even know to know to click to find out what they can do. Sad. So, with mesh bodies that provide 3D nipples and other features, which formerly came only as genital accessories the use of separate accessories is not as important. Most people don’t even understand RLV. So… wearing Xcite! for any more than visual reasons… doesn’t work out.

Scripts for vagina (6,784KB), nips (4,608KB), ears (384KB), butt (192KB), lips (192KB), and thighs (416KB) with HUD (1,920KB) and DropBox (192KB) = 14,688KB …and that 14MB is why people avoid Xcite! these days.

ACI adds 26k

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Second Life Vaginas

There isn’t much to say about these brands of vaginas. So, I put them together.

~Valkyrian~ Ladies Treasures “Mesh Vagina” Lips by ☠️ DOMINUS ☠️ L$200 –


As best I can tell these are just vagina lips. No scripts.



::BW:: Pussy Xtra Premium by ::Body Works:: L$399 – Mesh, unrigged – Many bodies – No Demos – 2015?


This is another that has no demo that I find.

This looks to be a clit only add-on with a lot of features.


Janzoe Classic Vagina ultra-realistic pussy by janzoe designs L$295 – Unknown – All bodies – No Demos


And yet another with no demo. While advertised as ‘the most realistic’ I think this is from the days of prim genitals

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Second Life: VAW XTC Vagina Rigged

by Virtual Artworks L$1200 – Mesh, Bento rigged and unrigged – Demo? No!

Nipples, lips, and butt are extra.


I couldn’t find a demo. Contacting the designer, I find he is afraid someone will still his textures from a demo. Duh! So, no demos. Anyone that wants them can steal the mesh and textures by being close to anyone wearing a VAW vagina. From my viewpoint that is losing a lot of sales for no good reason.


Product Image: NSFW

The vagina is boxed. Open the box and you get a folder with all the parts and some scripts. Of course, some promo material and a manual are included.

The rigged Bento version is available in only 4 sizes (Sept 2019), Freya, Isis, Hourglass, and Maitreya. The Hourglass works OK, not perfect, on Physique-Original. But none of that information is in the promo material. Continue reading