OSGrid Going with FSAssets

Hypergrid Business has an article up about how OSGrid has left RAID MySQL behind to go with FSAssets, a high availability system of data storage.

my inner light

my inner light by j o r.d a n, on Flickr

It is all kind of geeky. If you are into that stuff, see HB’s article: Avination helps save OSgrid, donates cluster storage solution.

For the none geek, RAID and FSAssets are different ways of preparing for hardware failure and safely storing data. RAID stands for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive/Independent Drives. The idea is if you have two hard drives with the second being a copy of the first, you’ll still have a good copy if one drive dies. It gets way more complicated as speed is another facet of RAID. But, two drives being safer than one is the base idea.  Continue reading

Unity Engine 5 Goes Free

Yesterday Unreal announced they are offering Unreal Engine 4 for a 5% royalty fee only payable when quarterly sales reach $3,000 per quarter. This isn’t just the engine they are offering. It is sample projects, asset packs, and tutorials.

Today I am seeing they are releasing Unity Engine 5. So, if your tired and haven’t eaten, like me and confuse Unreal and Unity, it starts to make sense why they would release a free older version. Still pretty awesome. But, not so awesome after food and a nap.

But………..  there is a Personal Edition and a Pro Edition of Unity Engine 5. The Personal Edition is FREE, no royalty. However, if your game nets sales of US$100,000 then you are expected to upgrade to Pro ($75/month), which at that point should be no problem.  Continue reading

Second Life Profile Cards/Badges

My Community Badge March 2015

My Community Badge March 2015

Also know as: Second Life Community Badges

Four years ago to the day, 3/3/2011, I posted about how to make a Second Life Forum Community Badge. The badges are, of course, shown in the Second Life Forum. See the example image.

The alternative is to show just the avatar profile picture.

At the time there was a problem and four years later it is still here. We probably need to file a new JIRA. Whatever, the problem only appears of you select one of the default ‘profile cards’ to use.  There is no way to unselect using a card after that. You are doomed for life.  Continue reading

Open Source Office Hour 2015 week 10

@ Home, done for now...and blogged about it!

Home, done for now…and blogged about it! by Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias, on Flickr

I seldom make it to the Open Source User Group meeting these days. Today I did today. I don’t have time to write the meeting up. But, there is some interesting information. So, I’ll post the raw log as Oz Linden doesn’t post his meeting chat logs. While I would like it if he did, there are way better things he can do with his time.

Raw chat log – click + to open:

Chat Log Text

Slink Updates 2015 Week 10

Slink hands and feet got a new update. This update changes how various appliers work with the hands and feet. This is the announcement:


Monday,02 Mar 2015 15:38:00 GMT

As some may know, Slink released a big update to their hands and feet. This also means that designers have also had an update. In order to use the NEW POLISH HUDS you must UPDATE YOUR HANDS AND FEET. If you have hands or feet older then this last weekend, be sure to go in and have them redelivered to you so the new polish appliers for slink hands and feet work. Yes old huds will work with the new hands. But new huds will not work with old hands. ~Zoz

Climate People

I have often found that figuring out whether a cause is worthy is just a matter of looking at the people supporting it. It is definitely a consideration for whether I’ll participate or not. I had no problem deciding to oppose ISIS at every level. A quick, but stomach churning, look at the search results for ISIS killing pictures should do it for any sane person.

The philosophy of a group of people sets the limits to which individuals in the group will go. Yet, every group has its wackadooles, the crazy out of touch people we find annoying but not overly dangerous. Groups also have some number of fanatics and radicals that range from crazy annoying to deadly dangerous. So, painting any group with a broad brush is usually misleading.

Christian charity workers help people all over the world. That doesn’t prove the existence of God, the accuracy of their beliefs, or provide a guarantee of each Christian’s character, but the general quality of the people and their devotion to a cause and how they treat people suggests they have a generally beneficial belief system and cause. It begs the question what is it about that belief system that leads so many onto caring about their fellow man?

Pic from Catholic.org - Actual image used by ISIS.

Pic from Catholic.org – Actual image issued by ISIS.

On the other hand I am reading of ISIS fighters beheading and burning alive people… All this in the name of God and the goal of world domination. I can find no merit in the cause of these people and how they treat other humans. I question the quality and thinking of such people, their philosophy, and the core belief system that seems to eliminate any care about fellow humans. This also begs the questions, what is it about their belief system (especially their personal belief systems) that leads so many toward conquest, slavery, rape, and brutal killing? What kind of people are these?  Continue reading

Net Neutrality Reveled …or NOT

We know the new proposed rules being placed on the Internet  total 332 pages. So far, that is about all we know. This week the FCC voted to adopt those proposed rules (3 yea – 2 nea). As yet they have not published those rules.

because you're mine

Because You’re Mine by Strawberry Singh, on Flickr

A number of pundits on the Right are claiming the failure to publish the 332 pages is a continuing cover up. Well… yes and no. But, I am disinclined to believe those claiming this publishing delay is a big deal.  Continue reading