Did we have Second Life NEWS from TPDev’s meeting?

Last Friday (11/6) was the Third Party Developers’ meeting. We got some news. I’m just getting around to it. I’ve had my head in php parts of a gambling site that didn’t work. My head hurts… sniff… sniff. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m having ice cream for dinner… :)

~ Looks like Rain ~

~ Looks like Rain ~

Oz Linden told the group that a new version of the viewer will be coming into the RC group. A maintenance version, which usually means a collection of fixes and often some third party features. He thinks this version may actually pass the other RC version and make it out ahead of them.  Continue reading

Is the Firestorm Viewer on schedule?

At the Third Party Developers’ meeting Jessica said the viewer is  on schedule for a November 16 or 17 release. That of course depends on whether a serious problem is found or things work as planned.

This release will also be caught up with the Linden made viewer. I think that means the Linden version 3.8.6-305981, which is the current default viewer as I write this.

Firestorm Gateway Regions - Nov 2016

Firestorm Gateway Regions – Nov 2016

If you made it to the Firestorm Halloween party you have seen the Firestorm gateway regions. The Halloween celebration was also a launch party (reference) for the gateway build. Some well known designers/builders have helped. One being MadPea.  Continue reading

Second Life Has New Avatars?

Did you know Linden Lab has new avatars for the noobies? I had not realized it. But, Cerise @ SLUniverse posted about the new avatars and I noticed that post. Want to see some of the new avatars and mesh clothes?

Linden Lab's New Starter Avatars - Classic is now the default.

Linden Lab’s New Starter Avatars – Classic is now the default.

This image shows the first page one lands on after clicking JOIN. By default they now have ‘Classic’ avatars selected. It is still possible to select Vampires and People. Those are mesh body avatars. But, the Classic Avatars look to be all new. The older avatars are still in the Library. I just don’t see them on sign-up process.  Continue reading

Will Sansar be Photorealistic?

In Has it occurred to you what Project Sansar really is? I wrote about the latest Project Sansar® news. Now I see the site Road to VR has a story up about Project Sansar: First Glimpse of Linden Lab’s Next-gen Virtual World, Project Sansar. They suggest it may not be so photorealistic as a stylistic Halo type world.

Sunset Through the Arch at Voile

Sunset Through the Arch at Voile
Second Life

The peeps at Road are speculating from the latest image releases that Sansar will be a more ‘stylized’ than ‘photorealistic’ world.  They make a mistake in saying that ‘stylish’ and ‘beautiful’ are words not used in describing Second Life™. They obviously haven’t looked at the images in: MOST EXCELLENT SecondLife (some NSFW±) or Stunning Second Life Images (safer). It can be argued that many of the images in these Flickr groups have been Photoshop’d. But, are we sure the Lab didn’t Photoshop these images for dramatic affect? I can edit video to improve appearance… Ben Lang, the author of the article, says, Continue reading

Has it occurred to you what Project Sansar really is?

Daniel Voyager has an article about Project Sansar. Daniel has changed the look and feel of his blog. I thought my Feedly sent me to the wrong place… He points us to a couple of new bits out about Project Sansar®.

Nightfall Cities: Into the Wilds

Nightfall Cities: Into the Wilds
Is the grass big or the mouse and book small?

Ebbe Altberg talked about Project Sansar at the 2015 Web Summit. An audience member, Janne Juntunen, got a video of a video shown at the event. There is a 30 second clip  on TwitterContinue reading

Second Life Server News Week 45

Caleb Linden forgot to update the Deploys thread in the forum. :/ They apparently have him buried in work. Whatever, the main channel did get an update today (11/3). I’m just not sure which of the two RC’s made it. One was some server fixes the other the same fixes and an additional bug fix. Hopefully the later made it out.

The new RC package has a new support tool, that mean a tool for the Linden Support Staff.  It helps them re-align region edges. They sometimes get out of sync when the land owner moves the terrain up or down a significant amount.

I’m guessing there are some other bug fixes too…

Can You Help Kokua Viewer Dev’s?

This Kokua Viewer update adds version 2.9.15 of RLV and brings Kokua on par with Linden viewer version 3.8.6, which I think means it has the  Quick Graphics and Avatar Complexity features, but with out the build number… it may be the Notifications viewer updates. Whichever, The Dev’s need help testing this update.



See: Kokua with RLV 2.9.15 and code update to SecondLife 3.8.6 — Request for test.

Areas of the viewer they are asking be tested:

  • Inventory handling.
  • Outfit remove and replace.
  • Individual wearable items remove from avatar and wear from inventory.
  • Mesh model upload.
  • File uploads.