Sansar in Entertainment News

Jo Yardley is pointing us to an article about Project Sansar that appeared in Variety. Variety magazine, according to Wikipedia, was a weekly magazine published from the East Coast covering entertainment. In 1933 they started also publishing a daily from the West Coast. Of course they have an online version.

und wenn ich für euch fliegen muss...♥

und wenn ich für euch fliegen muss…♥
and if I have to fly for you … ♥

Jo thinks this is great coverage for Sansar and Second Life. See: Variety writes about Project Sansar. She works with entertainment people from time to time helping them get their period pieces historically correct. So, she may know something or maybe it’s just she likes the people in the industry.  Continue reading

Project Sansar Instancing

Ciaran has the article Project Sansar To Offer Instancing And Perhaps A Different Approach To Branding Experiences posted. Ciaran has put together a set of clues and come to a conclusion. His reasoning seems plausible. So, what is instancing?

Song To The Siren (Sail To me)

Ciaran gives a quick answer. I’ll go a bit deeper. First let’s look at how Second Life™ works. We have a region running in a server. Technically we may have more than one region running in a server, but for our purposes here I’ll ignore that aspect.  Continue reading

Black Dragon Viewer Update Week 30

NiranV has made a couple of recent releases of the Black Dragon Viewer, now at version Version 2.4.4 the previous version has a long list of fixes.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

The big addition is for Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM). Or maybe the more important change is fixes to the RLV section of the viewer. Whichever is more important to you, the viewer is better.

VMM is coming to all the viewers. When your favorite viewer gets the feature is not all that important. The only think you cannot do without a VMM compatible viewer is add items to the marketplace. All other tasks can be handled through the marketplace web site.

RLViewer 2.9.12 Released

Marine has a new version of the viewer out. See: RLV 2.9.12.

Snail Racers & Hedgehog Spectators

> Snail Racers & Hedgehog Spectators

One of the interesting changes in this viewer is how you can control shadow render. Seems Marine got a Maitreya body and is wearing it. From what Marine wrote I take that it cut her FPS nearly in half in some scenarios. Looking at the Fast Timers (Ctrl-Shift-9) shadow render was taking more time to figure out how to render the attached mesh items. I wonder how many people check the render cost of that Maitreya body and compared it to other bodies? See: Second Life: Mesh Body Revolution. Continue reading

Blog WP Update

A new version of WordPress is out (4.2.3). It is a security update. I want to install it. That means I am backing up my blog so I can unwind the update if I have to. I learned long ago that depending on the hosting company’s backups is too risky.

This means the blog may be down for a few minutes or maybe just glitchy now and then. I have over 12,000 files to download and the database. It takes some time.

Bryn Oh: Hidden Scene

Bryn hides things in his art exhibits. See Obedience – part eight.

Byrn’s statement that in 2,000 BCE that most of the population could not read is accurate enough. But, it is a bit misleading because of Bryn’s reference to people of the day being less sophisticated than the people of today. Using a lack of reading skill to say there is a lack of sophistication is a non-sequituar.

such interesting textures as clouds go over the moon

such interesting textures as clouds go over the moon

Imagine. You need to run a business and a sheet of paper is yet to be invented. How do you keep track of things? How did you educate people? Record history, law, stories?  Continue reading

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AT&T US$10 VR Headset App

Hypergrid Business is pointing people to a $10 VR Headset App being sold by AT&T. See: AT&T offers $10 VR headset, app. You may want to wait until we see more reviews. Plus, we may see some good free apps appearing.

Remembers It All Too Well

Remembers It All Too Well

The headset being offered in addition to the app is a Google Cardboard thing.

Of course you could get one of the 10,000 free Cardboard VR headsets offered by CM Products, LLC. Hypergrid has a funny video to go with that offer…