Second Life: Firestorm & Linden Viewers

For the past few weeks I’ve been using Firestorm and Linden 4.1.2 and (Bento). These versions are much better than the pre-September versions that were out. I suppose some of the improvement is my change to a newer computer with 32GB of RAM. But, I still crash.

When black cats prowl ...

When black cats prowl …

This version of Firestorm is much better than the previous version. I have found that if I am online for more than an hour I will likely crash on exit. This means if I change any Preferences, I need to relog after making the change or backup the settings (recommended). When FS crashes it does not save the settings so, changes in the session are lost.  Continue reading

AvaStar Update 2016 w41

Some of us have been wondering what all is going on with AvaStar. We know they are adding support for the new Bento avatar. I had heard people ask for Developer Kit support. So, if you have wanted to make things that fit Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, and other mesh bodies you had to figure out how to integrated the kit to the AvaStar system. Looks like that is a problem that will go away.

Gaia Clary, Machinimatrix, has a promotional video out:

devkits from The Machinimatrix on Vimeo.

Gaia keeps doing this, restricting where the video can be embedded. For a promotional video it is silly. It sucks. But, you can click and jump to the video.

The current alpha, beta, whatever version of AvaStar is: avastar-2.0-23_blender-2-77. The main production version is: avastar-1.7-2_blender-2-77.

Have you seen

Second Life: Project Bento Update 2016 w41

I found this to be an interesting meeting. As the final parts of Project Bento get nailed down and it nears release my excitement grows. I am starting to work on setting up my Blender-AvaStar for Bento style projects. Plus tutorials are starting to come out.

I’m writing an outline/index as I clean up the video, mostly speeding up the no-talking parts and smoothing out the audio. So, you’ll see parts of the video run at 200% to 500% faster than real time. Hopefully the pre-YouTube-in-Adobe-Premier time marks will match the final YouTube time marks. If they don’t… sorry. I’ll have learned.

The First part of the video (about 2:05 minutes) was recorded with the main Linden Viewer (4.0.2). You’ll notice the avatars using Bento weighting and animation look messed up. These strange looking beasts are loose on the main grid. So, if you are seeing these strangely twisted avatars in Second Life™, you are seeing Bento avatars without a Bento capable viewer. It’s not you, it’s the viewer. Close your eyes, they’ll eventually go away. Continue reading

Is Second Life getting too complex?

See: Project Bento and the pose making. Tamara Artis is a Qavimator user. She recognizes the program is not maintained and Bento is likely to kill it, at least for use in Second Life™. She is asking about advice on what to switch to and tips for animating for Bento.

A great complexity pre-collapse

A great complexity pre-collapse

Medhue Simoni, a Second Life animator of some note, provides several answers. So, if you are looking for tips and general information, this would be a good place to start. A notable point Medhue makes is Qavimator is still going to work after Project Bento releases.  Continue reading

Drax Does 360

This is pretty neat! Check it out. Start the video then click and drag inside the video. You can pause the video and drag around too.

Some of these 360 images and videos have not worked on my site, but this one does. Drax, et al, did good. I don’t know if it will work with VR. Let me know if you try it.

Since the Samsung 7’s are burning up, in recall, and dropped from production any phone upgrade I was thinking of is on hold. I expect the next gen of phones to have better VR support, Daydream. So, I’ll wait.

PS: 10/15 – Inara has a good write up on how the video was made. See: The Drax Files 41: animating Second Life.

Second Life: State of Video

With the release of the VLC viewer ( we will see the video market in Second Life start changing. It as of today, it hasn’t changed much. As it has in most of the rest of the RL world. So, with 4.1.1 we will have a better experience with YouTube and other services.

VLC Viewer and Streaming Media - TV's

VLC Viewer and Streaming Media – TV’s

NOTE: On starting the 4.1.1 viewer I started crashing. I changed regions and all seemed OK. Before I logged off I got a notice that a newer version was available: I’ve installed it and it seems to be OK.  Continue reading