Zombie Eye in Second Life

It isn’t contagious. This problem passed quickly, I think. I didn’t run into it, so it is hard for me to know. But, it revealed another part of how the Second Life™ system works.

Knowledge is not everything...

Knowledge is not everything…

Backend Serve updates – there are a number of backend services needed to support Second Life. When the Lab is changing/updating them they generally provide no public notice, unless users need to change behavior, like refrain from transactions or rezzing no-copy items (which hopefully is changing).  Continue reading

Second Life CEF Update Week 35

We don’t hear much about this Second Life™  change. But, Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is coming and will affect our use of Second Life in many ways.



The viewer currently uses Webkit, an old unsupported tech, to display a number of viewer panels (like Search). It is also the tech used in Media On A Prim (MOAP). It is a part of SL Televisions.  Continue reading

Second Life Icon Textures

You may remember that weeks ago a point came up about how the little profile icons used in chat are never flushed from viewer memory. The more people that enter chat the more memory is used and never released until the user logs off or memory is consumed and you crash.

Um certo cais

Um certo cais – A certain pier

As tiny as they are they have a larger impact than one would suspect. The profile image has to be download and is the source from which the tiny icon is made. It is, as I recall, it is the memory for both images that is not released.

Last Friday word in the Third Party Developers meeting is Cinder Roxley started writing a fix. I would guess that we’ll see one this year, but I have no idea what Cinder’s schedule is like – which you should read as I have no real basis I can point to for that guess. I expect the fix would be tested in the Alchemy viewer before appearing in any other viewer.

For most, all this means is another memory leak is getting fixed and we will crash less often.

Second Life News Week 35 #2

From the Third Party Developers’ meeting last Friday we got some new information about inventory and the viewer caching system.

Second Life Inventory

The Linden engineers are still looking at inventory loss issues. A few weeks ago they asked for feedback from those losing inventory. How did you do that, type stuff. Ever since they have been working on fixing those things that lead to inventory loss.

44 Eaton

44 Eaton

One cause is apparently something to do with how inventory is organized. You may remember that one can be blocked from logging in by having too many items in a single folder. Somewhere above 5,000 items in a folder can be a problem depending on your connection and computer speed.

We (us users) have also learned that the entire directory structure is sent at login. Then the viewer uses that list of folders to pull the contents of the folders. Make over 200,000 folders and you too can block your login. It doesn’t matter how many levels of subfolders, levels do not matter, just the total count. If it takes too long to load the tree list, you are screwed. (I think it was Whirly that tested this.)

The Lindens are thinking it may be time to add some server side enforcement of how inventory is organized. We are talking rules to stop illogical arrangements, like NOT allowing more than 1 trash folder.

Also, they are changing all inventory operations to use the API calls for AIS3. They will be closing the other API calls. So, viewers not using AIS3 will break… some day. Not soon. This isn’t something that is ready to roll out next week. It is going to take some time, but may be this year.

Another reason for server side enforcement of inventory arrangement/structure is some third party viewers are using some code that is pretty bad. The Lindens were not willing to name names. It was understood in the Developers’ meeting which viewers those are. But, no one was talking. I guess it is a cast the first stone thing…

Also, they plan to do more validation of things being uploaded. Apparently it is possible to upload some things that have malformed data. As it is now much of the data is expected to be properly formed by the viewer. But, with open source viewers that cannot be guaranteed. So, they plan to add server side validation for the various data formats.

Another change is more of the Second Life assets will be delivered via the CDN (Content Delivery Network). Eventually everything will go through CDN; sounds, animations, etc. For now it is mostly mesh and textures.

Additional pages, link below… 

Second Life Viewers Week 35

From the Third Party Developers’ meeting last Friday we got some news. Not much from the Linden side. I am often wondering if there is really so little for them to talk about in regard to Second Life™ or if the community is wearing them down and they are talking less as a defense. We have been down that road before.

Fantasy uprising

Fantasy uprising


RC Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – This view is often left behind. Oz describes it as being ‘preempted’.  They have more important things to do and spend time on those rather than updating this version. I suspect few people are using this version as the Oculus type headsets it is designed for are not yet in retail release.  Continue reading

Second Life Project Viewer version

This is a PROJECT viewer, meaning it is more crash and bug prone than the Release Candidate viewers. I crashed and hit 100% disk use with this version of the viewer almost always in the first 15 minutes. But, I wanted to see the new features. So, I keep re-starting it. Sometimes it runs longer than other times. I have yet to pin down what I am doing different between a quick crash and longer run times.

New Complexity Information

New Complexity Information

It is important to note that during this Project Viewer time that you can provide feedback to the Lab and they are much more likely to listen and make changes. After the features are in an RC viewer they are MUCH less likely to make changes. So, if you think you may have a grip or suggestion, get it to the Lindens (JIRA Feature or Bug Report).  Continue reading

Second Life: Sansar Separation Anxiety

Another Second Life™ anxiety discussed in the Drax Radio Hour Episode #81 is one being called separation anxiety. I’ll explain.

Separation Anxieties

Leaving Second Life and having to leave all our stuff behind is an anxiety for many. This last week I’ve been on a quest to update my collection of stockings. It is a costly thing. But, I love my Slink feet. My Babel Fashion stockings have no appliers. Trying to change a copy of the feet so the skin and a similar stocking with an applier match the lag just hasn’t worked for me. So, new stockings with appliers. So, will I have to leave my new stockings behind?

New Stockings

New Stockings

We are sure that most of what we have in Second Life is not going to transfer into Project Sansar. So… do I lose all my new stockings? No… but I don’t get to take them with me to Sansar. But, I don’t get to take my things to OpenSim. Nor did I get to take my things to Blue Mars or Cloud Party and likely not HyFy.  Continue reading

Second Life: Sansar Fargmentation Anxiety

This new mental disease (dis-ease) being encountered by Second Life™ users is the topic of Drax Radio Hour Episode #81. I hyphenated the word disease to convey a shifted meaning form the usual meaning of the word. Drax, Jo, and guests discuss the anxieties they have and hear others voicing. There are some anxieties that I too have. I’ll look at one of them in this article and take  on some others later.

Windmills of your mind

Windmills of your mind

Fragmentation Anxieties

In Second Life we have one world… sort of… think about it. To frame this idea think of Cloud Party. Every ‘region’ was an island that floated in space. You could not walk to a new region. You teleported between regions (servers). Teleporting kinda of being a log out and in process. Continue reading