Second Life: Third Party Dev’s Meeting 2016-20

The meeting was short, about 18 minutes. Not much was talked about. But a little.



Oz mentioned the Quick Graphics viewer getting promoted to default viewer status. That is the Jelly Doll viewer, or more technically correct the Avatar Complexity Viewer. Oz says they are getting good reception in most places where people would scream or applaud. Continue reading

Second Life: Viewer Problems

The Quick Graphics Viewer is out. Some people are having some problems with the viewer. A semi-clean install seems to fix the problem. So, what’s semi-clean install?

Hell Is Other People

Hell Is Other People

  • Restart your computer. Do NOT start the viewer.
  • Download the viewer from Second Life Download.
  • Find your install folder, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer (Windows)
  • Delete it. This deletion will not erase your settings, cache, inventory cache, or chat logs.
  • Install the SL Viewer using the file you downloaded. The installer will say you already have it installed and ask if you want to install anyways. Yes.
  • Try it.

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Second Life: Avatar Complexity Released

This week has been busy, RL. So, I’ve missed some of the goings on. One is the release of the Quick Graphics viewer as the main Linden Viewer.

To learn more about the development process and history of this viewer and how it works see my articles on Avatar Complexity.  Also, Inara has a good write up titled: Avatar Complexity and Graphics Presets in Second Life.

Poor Facebook – More Free Speech Attacks

Zuckerberg can’t win. Unless you’re Independent or conservative that has chased down more balanced news sources you probably aren’t seeing the steady stream of news about Facebook’s bias. The real story isn’t that Facebook (URL to home page) is biased. The story is how prevalent the movement to ban free speech is. Everyone is missing that part of the story.

~unicorn centauress~

~unicorn centauress~

Facebook is a private company. It has the right within the USA to be biased. What it doesn’t have and what can verge on illegal is telling us the service it provides has no bias. There it can trip on truth in advertising laws. Breaking trust with customers, in this case ‘users’ is probably more descriptive, is always considered bad form.  Continue reading

Second Life News 2016 W20


There is no rollout and restart for the main channel this week. Because of problems and down-time on the Beta grid (ADITI) last week testing on the pending server update couldn’t be completed.

Bubbels & butterfly's

Bubbels & butterfly’s

This week the package is ready to move from the Beta grid to the RC channels of the main grid. So, we’ll have a roll to and restart of the RC channel regions Wednesday.

This is a package without any user-visible changes. It has unnamed improvements. Continue reading