RLV Update Week 40


Marine Kelly has updated the RLV Viewer which is now version 2.9.14. There are some fixes for RLV bugs. None of it seems earth shattering to me.

See: RLV 2.9.14



These changes will be making their way into other viewers, but it takes some time.

Updates have been a little slow coming because Marine was working on RLV related products. Check her blog for information on those (use link above).

Second Life Viewers

Yesterday (9/30) and last Friday we got some updated viewers.

Wooden [Quench me]

Wooden [Quench me]

The main viewer is now:  3.8.4-305119. This viewer was the RC Mesh Uploader Viewer. It has the changes to the uploader that allow it to handle more than 8 materials. But, there are some gotcha’s in the viewer. See my article: Second Life LIMITS (link not available as I write this – look on the home page and scroll down), the article explains a problem with mesh upload.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version Notes: Big batch of Maintenance work to improve performance, fix bugs, address feature requests and give Second Life love. There are 97 fixes and additions.

Project Azumarill Viewer version – No change.

Project Notice Viewer version – No change.

Project Quick Graphics Viewer version – No change.

Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – No update – yet…

CtrlAltStudio Viewer 2015 to 2016 Plan

There are some dates for Rift delivery, a SDK 1.0 December 2015. Don’t confuse the DK1 and 2 with the SDK’s that have been coming out. The consumer CV1 Rift will finally be delivered, sometime in Q1 2016.

My avatar has Oculus Rift before I do!

My avatar has Oculus Rift before I do!

David Rowe believes the Lab will finalize their Rift Viewer when the consumer Rift has a release date. When that happens he plans to stop development of the CtrlAltStudio Viewer. Until then he says; Continue reading

Second Life’s Limits

In the SL Wiki there is a page titled LIMITS. This page lists most of the limits we encounter in SL. The page updated today to indicate the change from the main viewer with a new mesh uploader.

simple living room

simple living room – (in Second Life)

::Since viewer release 3.8.4, processing of meshes in the Collada file that have faces assigned to more than 8 materials has changed. Instead of simply dropping the extra material faces, the uploader now creates a new object to accommodate them. The result is that the single mesh is divided into multiple objects (prims) in a linkset (or coalesced object). Thus the limitation to 8 materials is removed as far as input is concerned, but still applies to each of the resulting linked objects actually uploaded. As a consequence it is now possible to upload a mesh with more than 174,752 triangles, although it will be divided into multiple objects. (Reference)

This sounds like a good change. But Drongle McMahon made this comment in my blog about the change (I’ve done a little editing on it – reference): Continue reading

John Carmack: Minecraft a Better Virtual World

Several bloggers have pointed to a bit of video from a recent talk that John Carmack made. He is well known in gaming circles. If you don’t know the name, you’re not keeping up with your game history or Oculus Rift.

Minecraft Station

Minecraft Station

Ciaran provides a quick review of that bit of video. See: Joyce Bettencourt Captures Fascinating Chat With John Carmack At Oculus Connect 2015.

Second Life Blogger’s Meeting

SL Blogger Support is planning to have an in-world meeting. I think Candy Canary Beck is organizing it. It is for this coming Saturday, 10/3 @ 1PM SLT. See the post here: SL Blogger Meetup Announced. Location: Basilique (SLURL) – Harvey’s Bar To the East of the landing point. Arrive early, it takes some time for things to download and render.

A Little From The Middle - Two Fisted Typist

A Little From The Middle – Two Fisted Typist

This is a general discussion held in text chat. To keep the group’s conversation coherent Candy Canary uses a set of discussion rules. One person has the chat box for 5 minutes or until they say DONE, whichever comes first. Then the group has the next 5 minutes to respond to the person. The right to the chat box moves around the room.

Second Life’s Jelly Babies – BUG?

The coming Quick Graphics Viewer now in RC has some odd behaviors. Well, it is an RC version, so no surprise. One of the ideas with this viewer is to reduce render lag by telling the viewer to avoid rendering complex avatars. These are avatars with lots of high polygon count attachments and large textures that require lots of computer power to render.

The Candy Princess - by  Bewitched Difference @ Flickr

The Candy Princess – by
Bewitched Difference @ Flickr

There is a setting in Preferences* that lets you set a personal limit for what you want your viewer to render. Any avatar over that limit will render as a jelly baby. But, if you change the setting to NO LIMIT you’ll find there are still avatars that render as jelly babies. What’s up with that?  Continue reading