Second Life Bits 2014-44

Don't Panic 2014

Don’t Panic 2014

Photographer of The Year Award (Second Life)

This is a contest I had not heard about. It seems to be entering its final stage. The latest information is here: Nominated photographers. The original contest information is here: Rules of the competition. The opening for nomination names was October 22. So, voting for your favorite work and enjoying the results is all that is left.

The thyme is interesting: “I will fight till my last dying breath”.

Texture Thrashing

The Firestorm people have updated their Texture Discard page. Texture Discard is an en error message some see when their video card memory is insufficient. As we fill up video memory others of us see texture thrashing, rendered objects completing render to a nice crisp appearance then going blurry and re-rendering in an endless cycle.

I have a video card with 2gb of video ram. I am occasionally running into texture thrashing. The new Firestorm page has suggestions for reducing this problem. One of the steps is to avoid opening inventory and especially to avoid opening two inventory windows.  Continue reading

MadPea – Second Life Adult Hunt

Coming in November is a first for MadPea. Check out the announcement they sent me (Thank you Kess).

MadPea Promo

MadPea Promo

Contact    Kess Crystal


October 25, 2014


Hunt heading to be the biggest and best in MadPea History

MadPea Base, Second Life, October 25, 2014– On 1st November MadPea Games will be releasing a brand new concept for in-world games and hunts….Blood Letters.  Continue reading

2014 COULD be the Hottest Year on Record

I suspect most of us have heard the statement. I wonder how many actually caught the world ‘could‘? Well, 2014 could be the coldest year. Neither are likely. But, how will we know which? How about looking at the satellite measurement records?

Satellite Data Plot

Satellite Data Plot – 2014 Incomplete – so it could be…

Graph source is from Roy Spencer, Ph.D. He collected data from the source data kept by the two leading groups of researchers; the UAH group, and the Remote Sensing Systems [RSS] group. For details see his write up: Why 2014 Won’t Be.

The Ebola Wars

The New Yorker has an article titled The Ebloa Wars. If you are trying to get perspective on the current epidemic this is a good read.

This article is change from the horrid information about Ebola we are getting from the government and most of the news media. From the US President we are getting a steady stream of lies. His first; no one with Ebola will make it to the US. Oops! He tells us airport screening in the US will stop infected people. Oops! But, he also says we’ll have a few people with Ebola arrive in New York and make it through screening. O.O  Continue reading

Novel Idea for a Laptop Upgrade

A significant number of people in the forum ask how to run Second Life™ on a laptop that has ample memory and CPU power but lacks adequate GPU power. The answer is disappointing, your hardware is not gonna cut it.

Now I find there is a way to add a PCI graphics card to a laptop. It isn’t pretty but, apparently it works.

Check this out: EXP GDC Laptop External PCI-E Graphics Card. You could add a GTX980 to a 4 year old laptop.

External GPU Upgrade

External GPU Upgrade

I am not endorsing the product. You are on our own deciding if this is for you. I am just pointing out a possibilitiy.