Second Life News 2018 w05


The main channel is now running version # The version ran on all three RC channels last week. It is reported in the wiki as having Internal Changes. Mazidox Linden described it at the Server Beta UG as, “This week we promoted a couple of things to RC on Agni including DRTSIM-367 (internal fixes) and a version of the service that handles avatar bakes, built with the new version of our OS.”



The bake service is not actually a simulator change. It is a change in a backend service. The server and service have to work together. So, there is probably some simulator change. But, maybe just in which API it uses to bake the avatar.

The Linux Operating System (OS) the Lab uses in its server gets updated every so often. They have been (are?) in the process of another OS update. Continue reading

Kiss your Second Life inventory bye?

Canary’s list of anxieties Second Life™ residents has as items 3 and 4 a fear of losing their SL inventory and that they won’t be smart enough to use Sansar… See: Are Second Life™ residents anxious about Project Sansar?



I covered the loss of inventory in Second Life: Sansar Separation Anxiety. I think this fear is mostly imaginary. But, the issue is hard to define as there are types of loss to consider. It also requires a presupposition or two to think you’ll lose your inventory.  Continue reading

Second Life Inventory Changes

From the Third Party Developer’s meeting we learn a bunch of inventory changes are ready to roll out to RC testing. But, they are waiting on the HTML HTTP* viewer, Azumarill. Once the viewer is out, soon, the HTML HTTP part of these changes can start rolling to the servers.

For her Light...

For her Light…

This is another significant change in technology. For users it will be mostly transparent. You aren’t going to have new features or buttons, at least as far as I know. You will have fewer problems and inventory operations will be more reliable and I suspect quicker. Less chance of losing inventory.  Continue reading

Second Life Inventory Update Week 37+

As previously pointed out, this Friday (9/11 – week 37) was the Third Party Developer’s meeting. There is enough news from that one meeting to fill several posts. So, I broke them up. This is the second one coming from that meeting.

Embracing Autumn

Embracing Autumn

Inventory Changes

Aura Linden has been making Second Life™ inventory much more robust. Over the past year as parts of the SL system have been upgraded other parts have revealed their weaknesses. Months ago the inventory system was updated, AISv3. The upgrade added new code to the servers and viewers.  Continue reading