Second Life Inventory Update Week 37+

As previously pointed out, this Friday (9/11 – week 37) was the Third Party Developer’s meeting. There is enough news from that one meeting to fill several posts. So, I broke them up. This is the second one coming from that meeting.

Embracing Autumn

Embracing Autumn

Inventory Changes

Aura Linden has been making Second Life™ inventory much more robust. Over the past year as parts of the SL system have been upgraded other parts have revealed their weaknesses. Months ago the inventory system was updated, AISv3. The upgrade added new code to the servers and viewers. 

That upgrade did NOT remove all the old code or old inventory services. Removing old services tends to cause unexpected results. SL is a complex system and no one knows everything about it. So, it is safer to change things over to a new system, then watch the old system to see if it gets any use. Of course, that also gives third party viewers time to change over. If it is getting use you can track down what is using it and why. Then you can fix that process so it uses the new system. That avoids having something break unexpectedly.

Izzy Linden tells us the recent problem is people not being able to login because of an inventory issue. This is the flat-inventory problem, having lots of items (more than 5,000) in a single folder. I’ve written about it for some time. Izzy tells us SL Support now has a tool for fixing these bloated folders.

If someone has a flat inventory or a large number of folders in the root folder, with a weaker connection they can have a time out problem that stalls the login. Support now has the OK to use the new Inventory Transform Tool that fixes the problem.

People with a login issue that know, I’m not sure how they will know, it is from having a flat inventory can contact support and say, my inventory is keeping me out, unflatten me. (I think that was Oz’s line, may be Izzy’s.

Sometime in week 37 the engineers told support it was ok to use the tool. So, previous cases of support not being able fix this problem should no longer happen now and going forward.

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