SL Support Offline 11/7

The Lindens have posted that they will have support offline November 7th starting at 3PM PT. They plan to have it back up by 9AM PT 11/8. It may take longer.



They are changing the infrastructure of the support system. Only ‘open’ tickets from 2017 are being transferred over. There are 1.2 million tickets and 200,000 live chat records from 2016 and before that will eventually transfer over. But, probably not for some time.

If you need ticket information from before 1/1/2017, get it now, before 11/7.

WARNING – Network Krack

We have a new hack to deal with. The WiFi encryption used by your router has been hacked. The WPA and WPA-2 security used since 2003 is the target.

WPA and WPA-2 are security choices you have when setting up your router/access point. Without a password on your router, anyone can connect to your network. It is dumb not to have a password protected network.

Shades of Black

Shades of Black

Routers provided by most ISP’s have a password set by default. It is the long alphanumeric number provided on a sticker on the site of the router/gateway device. The last router I bought did not have a password set by default. Manufacturers seem to think the initial setup is easier with no password.

So, if you bought your router/modem/gateway, whatever you call it, you had to set a password. If you didn’t, you should. Without one, you are open to anyone and numerous types of attacks.

The Workaround

For any web activity involving money, make sure your browser is using HTTPS. When using HTTPS the browser will display a padlock in the address/URL window. Continue reading

Second Life – Having Problems?

Yes. You aren’t alone. The Lab is aware people are having attachment issues… instead of psychologists, they are using computer tech’s to find the problem. So, we will likely see a fix soon. No years of counseling…

Seems avatar-attachments are not attaching. In a world where genitals are an attachment, this problem could create huge gender identity issues…

Also, some scripted items are not working.

My first login about 8:40 AM SLT from California failed. I made it in with the Alex Ivy RC and then crashed. Five minutes later I successfully logged in with the same viewer. All my parts rendered. So, no gender ID crises for me.

Some think this is related to Grid maintenance performed yesterday. I don’t know. Possible. Follow Grid Status to see when they have the issue resolved.

PS: And they are having trouble with the web site too…

Second Life – Lost Password Preparation 

Have you ever lost/forgot your Second Life™ password? I have for my Alts. To recover you can file a ticket and they will send you a password recovery email.

In the email you must do 1 of 3 things.

  • Answer your secret question.
  • Name three people in your friends’ list.
  • List payment amounts made to the Lab.

Avoid being tricky with your secret question answer. You have to remember your answer and spell it correctly. Or… write it down. Duh!

If you haven’t copied down some of your friend’s names, do so now. Misspelled names don’t count.

Purchases… seems your annual US$72 is not an acceptable answer as it is too easy to guess. If I forgot my password every week I might record each payment amount. Otherwise, remembering amounts is way too much trouble. Memory is useless. But, you can look in PayPal and get the payment amounts!

Knowledgebase: account information recovery.

Tumbler – Flickr – ATT/Yahoo Email Users in Trouble – Take Action

Urgent! – Urgent! – Urgent!

Take action to save your Flickr account.

Dennyc commented (thanks) on my Flickr Sold article and pointed me to Flickr and Tumblr Users With AT&T Emails Are About to Lose Access to Their Accounts.

You may not have realized Yahoo and AT&T had, past tense, a close relationship. Yahoo was the mail service for AT&T customers. Yahoo allowed the AT&T address to be used as an ID for Yahoo services. Tumbler has been and is a subsidiary of Verizon. Now Flickr is too. Apparently, the email relationship for ID purposes is going away June 30… within 2+ days. Continue reading

Second Life – Inventory Loss Warning, Yikes!

Have you heard about people losing inventory? Probably. Seems there is a bug on the loose that can clean you out.

I answer lots of questions on the SL Forum. I hear a constant stream of “I lost…” Mine and several other people’s best answer has been the Firestorm Wiki page: Missing Inventory. But, those steps do not work for this problem.

Today I see there is currently a more serious problem. And even worse, my best-informed authority on such matters, Whirly Fizzle, says there is no fix, for now. Ouch!

Worst Fears

Worst Fears

So, what is the bug and how are people losing inventory?

Here is what people describe happening. They get a popup saying Trash is full or overflowing. It has a button to empty Trash now. I suggest always selecting LATER. Avoid emptying trash from the popup.

They click EMPTY NOW and poof stuff they are certain was not in trash poofs away.  Continue reading

Worldwide Ransomware Attack

If you have paid attention to the news, you know the world is in a cyber war firefight running from Friday to today. No one is going to protect you. To make it worse, some are claiming anti-virus software is making it worse. Sheesh!

The First Evil

The First Evil

The current primary problem is older operating systems; Windows XP and Vista. Microsoft quit supporting those old systems. But, many businesses have chosen not to update to newer systems. For some like the healthcare industry and industrial manufacturing their complex applications were dependent on features in the old operating systems. It was difficult and expensive to update.  Continue reading

Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now? Ouch!

If you use Chrome you may be running into a new problem: Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now? Relaunching does not resolve the problem.



The problem popped up in 2015 and seems to be back. It bit me after the latest Win 10 upgrade(?). But, the fix in 2017 is different than in 2015.

Clicking a URL link in another app should open Chrome and subsequently the target web page. Instead you get the ‘unresponsive’ error message. There was a popular 2015 work-around for those using Outlook or Thunderbird: Continue reading