Second Life: Android and iOS? What is the Lab thinking?

Seems many are excited about Brad & Oz Linden making comments about development of an app for iOS and probably Android. Inara has been writing about it at Modem World. And Hamlet picked up on that posting LINDEN LAB CONFIRMS.

Late 2018 – Firestorm-Steam VR

Hamlet adds a bit of speculation. But, Inara makes the most speculative guesses about what the Lab is doing. She is knowledgeable and her guesses are those of a person well informed on and experienced in the subjects of Second Life and Linden Lab. I think they are reasonable.

I’ll add an additional twist. Consider. The people using and requesting mobile apps for SL are existing users. The current mobile apps provide a means for existing SL users to manage business tasks while on the move.

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Mobile Second Life

Everyone wants to use Second Life™ on a mobile device. I can see at times it would be handy. But, for an experience, we are staying on the desktop. I am pretty sure Oculus VR is not going to work well with a mobile device. On a mobile device it would walk you into walls… literally.



But, pixysticks has posted an interesting account and pictures of her experience with a Microsoft Surface Pro. See: Truly Mobile Second Life -> The Geekgasm. She is running SL on her unit with 25 FPS in a reasonably dense area of SL.

She says she is getting good results with Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, and even the new SimCity. That is the advantage of a mobile device with an Intel processor.

Check out the post. Do note that she does not have Advanced Lighting enabled.

While this is not going to replace the desktop units for a quality immersive experience, it is the best mobile experience I’ve seen to date.

Thanks pixysticks, for posting.