Internet Outage

The outage is large enough to be making national news. Amazon cloud servers went down. That affects many web sites and services like Second Life. The SL asset services depend on Amazon’s cloud, the S3 services – AFAIK.

SL login is supposedly not affected. The login servers are  in one of the Lab’s locations or on co-location hosts other than Amazon. But, once logged in you may not rez, the region may not rez completely, and your inventory may not populate.

Do NOT try to change or fix your appearance. You will likely confuse your viewer and make things worse. Do as little inventory-asset related tasks as possible.

Internet Problems?

Today my Internet service sucks. I finally restarted my gateway. That helped, but some sites remain a problem. So, I started to look at what’s up with that…

It hadn’t occurred to me but, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are a target for hackers. I’m not sure why they choose to attack them. I wasn’t curious enough to dig up reasons. But, that they do get attacked affects our use of Second Life™, since the Lab changed over to using CDN’s.  Continue reading