Second Life News 2018 w14


The main channel updated to version # The new version has only Internal Fixes.

The RC’s Blue Steel and Le Tigre will update to version # on the usual Wednesday cycle. Also, only Internal Fixes.

Magnum will continue to run #

Sunrise at Isle of May

Sunrise at Isle of May

From the Server and Scripting UG we hear about more region crossing work. Simon Linden is doing some work on crossings. BUG-214653After half-unsit at failed region crossing on vehicle due to network lag, “Unsit” button will not work.

Crossing regions at speed… fast cars, planes, boats, and motorcycles, have a big problem. I was recently testing an Apolon helicopter. Great fun. But, region crossings are an annoyance. Continue reading

Second Life Third-Party Dev Meeting

This week was a <15-minute meeting. So, not much news.

On the viewer front, there are no imminent updates. So, we likely won’t see any RC or Project viewers changing status this coming week.

All I ever wanted.

All I ever wanted.

The new server-side capabilities were deployed. The viewers haven’t been released. They are still being tweaked. The Abuse Report category change from built into the viewer to delivered by the servers hickuped. The Lindens left out the ‘localization’. Oops. English only. That is being fixed.

Bakes-On Project Viewer passed QA, Oz was unsure of when it was being released (ta-da: released 3/30). See the release notes.

BUG-215951Option to allow nearest neighbor on textured faces. The feature request was rejected. So, this is an example of what a definite Linden ‘no’ looks like.

I take it that some core functionality in the render engine would have to change and the Lindens don’t see an acceptable benefit ratio.

The Lindens are aware of an HTTPS problem for those scripting HTTPS data transfer. They plan to fix it, they just haven’t gotten there yet.

That is about it for the meeting. This link to the video leads to a very quiet meeting this week.

Second Life News 2018 w13


It is Tuesday (well, would have been if I had remembered to post this…) and the main channel was updated to version # The changes are the ever-occurring Internal fixes then logging to help diagnose an issue with in-world HTTP servers returning HTTP 503 (BUG-214702), adding a new capability to request IMs that were delivered to the requesting agent while the agent was offline, and adding a new capability to request the most up to date list of abuse report categories.

Yellow Bag

Yellow Bag

Until we have a viewer update that can use the new caps, we can’t see or use the new additions.

Wednesday, the Blue Steel channel will be updated with version #, ‘internal changes’.

Le Tigre and Magnum may get an update. The Lindens had not decided on a version as I write this. The entry for these channels is a little confusing as they show the # version, which I suspect many will assume is an update going to these channels. But it went to the main channel and may remain in these RC channels. Continue reading

Second Life News 2018 w12


The main channel gets a restart but no update. It remains on version #, which rolled out the end of February.

My region restarted 3/13, so it hasn’t restarted this week, at least as of 11:30 Am SLT.

Steel Magnolia

Steel Magnolia

Blue Steel will update to # Internal fixes…

Le Tigre and Magnum update to # Internal fixes, logging to help diagnose an issue with in-world HTTP servers returning HTTP 503 (BUG-214702), adds a new capability to request IMs that were delivered to the requesting agent while the agent was offline, and adds a new capability to request the most up to date list of abuse report categories.

These ‘adds’ will require a viewer that can use them. Which I assume is somewhere in the QA pipeline. Continue reading

Ebbe Altberg & Third-Party Dev Meeting

I wanted to sit in on this week’s Third-Party Developers’ meeting. I wanted some footage of the meeting to use as an opening for my summary of the meeting. I was late. Seems to be a pattern. But, I was planning to use Pantera Północy’s video of the meeting. It comes out Saturday morning.

I was surprised to find Ebbe Altberg talking! Whoa! So, I brought up OBS and recorded the rest of the meeting. The first 15 minutes are missing. Those minutes are in Pantera’s Video, which came out before I got finished.

I’ve been having audio problems with the SL recordings. I got some of that cleaned up. I still had problems but the audio is intelligible and better.

I thought about indexing the video. I usually do. But, Thursday is an RL busy day and I already have a work-related video rendering in the background. My completer is WAY sluggish and all 4 cores are pegged at 100% heating up to 57. This one of the few times I hear the fans pick up speed. So, I’ll do the index later when I don’t have to deal with pauses.

The video is jerky in places. I was recording and had the rendering paused. But, I was still seeing a hit in the viewer. My i5-6600 did pretty well considering the load on the system.

See the thread in the SL Forum, Ebbe Altberg talking at the Third-Party Dev Meeting.

Second Life News 2018 w11


We didn’t get a Deploys post this week. My main channel region did get a restart. My region is running version # This is a version released the end of February. So, I assume my region was just restarted not updated.

But, no one knows much about what is going on. Simon Linden at the Server-Scripting UG has nothing for us.

We’ll see if there is a restart on the RC channels tomorrow.

Pink Rain..

Pink Rain..


The main viewer is version This is the update we got last week, week #10.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Media Update Viewer version – This is a new version out this week. The previous update was released in week #8.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – This is the version released in week #10. See my updates from last week for details.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – This is new this week. The previous version came out in week #4.

We were supposed to get a new project viewer for Bakes-On. We didn’t so that suggests it did not make it through QA.

Also, an EEP (Enhanced Environment Project) project viewer is expected.

I’m pressed for time. So, gotta go. More details when I dig them out.

Plus, my good mouse died… R.A.T. 7 RIP. 🙁  SUCKS!

Second Life News 2018 w10


The main grid will not update this week. It stays on version #

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum get the same update, # This is stated as having ‘internal changes’.

Taken with – Click here to see in 360 VR Mode

Above taken with the version of the 360-Snapshot Viewer.


The main viewer updated this past week and is now version Previously this was the maintenance version released in week #6.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – This version updates the previous version released in week #9. It adds security fixes and the updates from the promotion of the Maintenance viewer.

Second Life Media Update Viewer version – This is the version released in week #8. Expect it to soon update to include the Maintenance version fixes. Continue reading