The Firestorm Viewer and EEP

EEP is the Enhanced Environment Project. I consider this a step in the Lindens rebuild of the render engine. Whatever it is, the Firestorm team has released a Beta version of their viewer with EEP.

Photoshop Play Time

Beta, in this case, means the software is not yet ready for prime time. It also means it is your choice as to whether you install this version. And for those of you using a version three versions back, this does not count as one of the three allowed versions. So, you aren’t going to have that 3rd old version blocked from the grid. Yet…

But, do you want to install this Beta version? There is certainly no dire reason to. It isn’t like v6.3.9 is broken. Well… maybe that is debatable. I find it does crash more than the previous version. But that could just be me. Whatever the case, there are a number of bug fixes in this release. So, if like me, you have been seeing more crashes then updating may be a good idea.

The Firestorm peeps have posted about this release in their blog. See FIRESTORM 6.4.5—EEP PUBLIC BETA! And they have also updated their blog software. YAY!

There are a number of links in their announcement. They link to the Linden explanation of and how-to for EEP. They link to Inara’s tutorial on EEP. Oh… and of course the download link.

Phototools – For me, this was what I was most curious about. How would the Phototools change? They did change. But not much. I think most of us will figure them out in a couple of minutes.

The significant change is the sun/moon position and time of day slider went away. It is now a button that pops open the SL Viewer type controls for those things. A couple of labels change here and there. Otherwise, it is similar enough you won’t be confused.

Try it. Mikie likes it.

One thought on “The Firestorm Viewer and EEP

  1. “A couple of labels change here and there. Otherwise, it is similar enough you won’t be confused.”

    *laughs in confused users*. Good joke.

    Just changing the time-of-day label to “sun position” confused all the users so much they thought its gone.

    You can’t just change a couple labels and say it won’t confuse people, because it will! People who used Windlight for years were completely confused as to the “new” sliders that are just the same just with a different label. Don’t underestimate the users.

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