Second Life: Black Dragon’s Poser

How does it work?

Cassie Middles made a 12-minute video tutorial showing how to use it. It is sort of a “Poser” beginner’s tutorial. Not every feature of the Poser is covered. The important stuff regarding posing for pictures is the focus.

Black Dragon Viewer’s Poser

I think it is a nice video. The intro is a bit long but that seems to be a YouTube fad.

She skipped the save-a-pose features. They are intuitive so no biggie.

Before clicking MORE… the next page is not entirely safe for work.

For good looking pictures from SL this Poser is a must. If you have big breasts or hips, the Poser can move your hands and arms to avoid the pass-through conflicts. I use it for tweaks to the poses that don’t quite fit my 5’-10” (1.82m) avatar.

To learn more about the Black Dragon viewer see the blog. Links to the blog and downloads are there. This install triggered me to update the MS Visual C++ library.

The current version as I write is 3.8.3 dated May 14, 2020. Development is active. You’ll see frequent updates. AFAIK they are not mandatory nor do older versions get blocked. I haven’t checked that last ‘blocked’ thing. The author, NiranV, adds fixes and new features along with interface tweaks that encourage people to update.

Only with Black Dragon Poser… Example of possible control.

There have been long periods when I didn’t update. That was before I got addicted to the Poser. The old viewers always loaded and ran. So… I think no blocking but, I don’t have any recent experience to say that is true now.

 This version of the Black Dragon viewer has a snapshot limit of 4k. You can override that and go up to 12k. Avoid being surprised that crashes you.

Some people take very high-resolution images for editing. See Natsumi Xenga’s videos on YouTube where she shows how she edits images. Awesome.

You probably aren’t aware; the Black Dragon viewer includes a Bone camera (sounds like a porn-machinima enhancement) and a Cinematic camera. How they work has been tweaked. NiranV hooked the camera to his tail and posted an image. OMG… motion sickness city… I’ll have to check the Bone Camera out.

You’ll find the controls in Preferences->Camera.

This version adopts EEP, Enhanced Environment Project. NiranV is NOT a fan of the new Linden user interface for EEP in the Linden Viewer. The interface used is more like the Windlight interface we have used forever. Whatever, this version is using EEP.

There are two threads in the SL forum where you can see what people are doing with the Black Dragon Viewer; …look today? and Raw Images, with ‘raw’ meaning no Photoshop. Not all the shots are BD, but lots are. And there are lots of ‘raw’ versus enhanced with what and how enhancements were done comments. Great thread. Blame the neat Seicher Rae for starting it.

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