Viewer Managed Marketplace Transition

At the Second Life™ Third Party Developer’s (TPD) meeting (7/31) Brooke Linden spoke. So, we know as of Friday, all merchants have been migrated to VMM. Only minor problems were encountered. They are working on fixing those. Brooke and Skylar are working with a few merchants that have run into issues from the migration.

Reign of a new World

Reign of a new World

The plan moving forward is to shut down MagicBoxes August 17th. On that date MagicBoxes will STOP working. The XStreet market, the current marketplace, will come down on August 27th and they will run solely on VMM.  Continue reading

Viewer Managed Migration Starting

Linden Lab has announced that migration from the existing Second Life Marketplace to the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM) will start July 23, 2015. See: Viewer-Managed Marketplace Released: Migration Begins July 23, 2015.

All You Never Say ...

All You Never Say …

Migrations will start at 9PM PT and run to 9AM the following day. I expect this to take days, but may be not. You will get an email when they start and finish. Merchants with a large number (5,000+) of products will get advance warning of the pending migration.  Continue reading

Linden Lab’s Communication Problems

For years we have in Second Life™ have complained about how poorly Linden Lab communicates with users/customers. Over the last couple of years that has improved. But, there are still areas in which the Lab seriously fails.

True love

True love

Daniel Voyager Plurked about Grendel’s Children Saved From Shutdown. This a somewhat common occurrence. I’ve long thought anything one wants to do with Lab will require far more time than one will imagine. This is another story adding support to my thinking.

Second Life VMM Transfer Limits

The Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM) is coming to Second Life™. Soon. The Lab will transfer products to the new system with some limits. Kate McLaglen put in a  support case to find out the limits. Dakota Linden replied with a message. Kate posted the response. It came up in my reader, but I cannot access the page in the SL Forum. Go figure.

June 1, 2015, 7:31 a.m.
Dakota Linden

Hello Kate McLaglen,
Thank you for your comments regarding the notification about the automatic migration of your products from the current systems to the new Viewer Managed Marketplace system.

The automatic migration process has a cap of 5000 items. If you have more than 5000 items, this number must be reduced before the auto migration process can occur for your store.

Any products that have not had a sale in over 1 year are archived. If you do not wish to have your products auto migrated, I will be happy to notify the Marketplace Team of your decision.

Your products will then need to be manually migrated to the new system before the Magic Boxes and Direct Delivery are discontinued as all products under the old system will automatically be unlisted from the Marketplace website.

Please confirm that you do not wish to have your store auto migrated and that you will manually migrate your products.

Once I have received your confirmation, I will notify the Marketplace Team of your decision.

Kind Regards,

Dakota Linden

Linden Lab
SL Marketplace Customer Support

There is a thread in the forum where discussion about the VMM has been/is ongoing. There are several comments from the Commerce Team in the thread. So, the Lindens are watching the thread.

It may not have occurred to you, but a number of products in the marketplace are those of people that have left Second Life. I wonder if the Lindens will archive the items of those that have not logged in for a year? Probably not. If it is selling, they are likely to leave  it or at least I think Dakota’s comment suggests that.

Second Life Viewer Managed Marketplace Update

At this weeks Third Party Developers’ (TPD) UG meeting Brooke Linden provided an update on Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM).

gentle bride

gentle bride by mmm lisichka, on Flickr

The VMM beta has launched on the main grid. They are limiting access to the beta for now. Also, VMM is currently only in English. In a couple of weeks the localization (multi-language support) will be in place. You can get more information about VMM in the wiki’s VMM FAQ. Additional information is in the Knowledge Base: VMM. And there is technical information on the VMM API here.  Continue reading

Second Life Money Exchange

In August of 2009 I wrote an article on the Linden Currency Exchange for Second Life™. See: XStreetSL Currency Exchange Tutorial and Second Life Currency Exchange Extended. Back then things were a bit different. There was competition in the Second Life money market. The US government has ended that. Now, Linden Lab is the keeper of L$ and the only company officially converting L$ to RL currencies. There are black markets in Lindens and there is a reason they are called black markets.

Buy Sell Orders 2014-15

Buy Sell Orders 2014-15

What has not changed is people not understanding currency or currency markets. Someone in the Answers section of the SL Forum was asking why their Sell L$1/US$1 order had  not been completed when other similar orders had been.  Continue reading

Market Place 2014-2

Shug Maitland has an article up pointing to Why moving a shop to Marketplace ‘hurts’ the SL economy. She prefers to shop in-world, where she can see what she is buying and demo it. I suspect many of us have similar preferences.

She uses the Market Place as an index and search engine for Second Life. In-world search sucks so badly we have little choice. That says something when we consider how bad the Market Place search is. I often end up using Google via a manual search command like: gesture vendor  Continue reading