Viewer Managed Migration Starting

Linden Lab has announced that migration from the existing Second Life Marketplace to the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM) will start July 23, 2015. See: Viewer-Managed Marketplace Released: Migration Begins July 23, 2015.

All You Never Say ...

All You Never Say …

Migrations will start at 9PM PT and run to 9AM the following day. I expect this to take days, but may be not. You will get an email when they start and finish. Merchants with a large number (5,000+) of products will get advance warning of the pending migration. 

After migration you will have to use a VMM capable viewer to add new products. You will be able to manage products via the Marketplace web site regardless of which viewer you are using. Sales of any given item will continue except during the time it takes to actually move the item to the new system, presumably a couple of minutes.

From the time your migration starts until it ends, you will not be able to manage products.

It is interesting the VMM viewer is still an RC version. This roll out date also seems to ignore the information Third Party Developers were being given as to when VMM roll out might happen. It also suggests that the VMM viewer will roll to the main viewer by the 23th.

2 thoughts on “Viewer Managed Migration Starting

  1. This came up super fast. I had to run over to see if they had promoted it, but all they did was update the version yesterday. My assumption is that it will be promoted to defacto release early next week. I put some feelers out in FS chat and it was very clear that the support team didn’t receive any updated info which leads me to beleive that this news likely is taking the TPV dev community by surprise.

    Jessica did seem too imply that they were prepared to respond quickly on big bird and VMM if they were the next two RC promotions.

    • ‘this news likely is taking the TPV dev community by surprise.’

      Err… The VMM viewer was open-sourced back in February… I released a VMM-enabled Cool VL Viewer on February the 22nd. We now are in August.
      Hardly a surprise, especially since, initially, LL anticipated (and did evoke) a VMM release sometime in March or April at worst (so, in fact, LL is late on their initial schedule for a roll out)…

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