Second Life Scams

A basic idea in the free market and civilization in general is theft and misrepresentation are bad things. I suppose that is why we love politicians.  So, when we find a place where theft and lying are harming people many of us will step up and say something. So, Strawberry Singh has spoken in Full Perm Marketplace Scams. Yay, girl!

Marketplace Scams

Marketplace Scams

Check her article to get the full story.

I think we need better tools to help us in our battles against the ethically and morally challenged of Second Life™. There is also the problem of how much time can we ask the Lab to spend on devising those tools when we have much more fun stuff that they need to be working on?  Continue reading

Second Life: Marketplace Issues

Word is getting around that the Marketplace (MP) has shifted to the new search feature. There are some problems with the new search. I like it, but nothing is perfect.

Kitty From The Garden

Kitty From The Garden

One problem is items removed from the MP are showing up in search. Another is how title words and keywords are ranked in the search algorithm has changed. More weight given to title words. The fear is this will lead to cluttered item names. Some believe people will start cramming there keyword list into the items name, title.

Whatever the case on these problems, there is a place where you can discuss the problems you have with the new search. See the SL Forum thread titled: Marketplace Search Issues [ New ].

Misunderstanding the Second Life Lindex

A lot was written a few weeks ago about the instability in the Second Life™ Lindex. Darrius Gothly wrote: The Math Behind the LindeX. It has enough misconceptions I am moved to provide a counter point and more accurate information.

Marionette - 3

Marionette – 3

I’m moved to do it at this time because of a recent post in the forum. Some one thought selling L$ at L$265/US$1  on July 29 was setting the price to high… high!?! No that is pretty low, for a seller.  Continue reading

Marketplace Beta Search: Better?

I am one that has bitched about ‘search’ in Second Life™ for years. The results have always been a confusing mix of items related and unrelated to the search target/term. Now the Lab is making the new search, Marketplace Beta Search, easier to find and use.

Marketplace Beta Search Link

Marketplace Beta Search Link

In November 2015 Linden Lab posted an article about the Beta Marketplace Search. See: Introducing Marketplace Search Beta. They updated it later the same month. Now they seemed to have moved to broader testing and have placed a link to the new search on the landing/home page of the current Marketplace or I’m just noticing it.  Continue reading

Viewer Managed Marketplace Transition

At the Second Life™ Third Party Developer’s (TPD) meeting (7/31) Brooke Linden spoke. So, we know as of Friday, all merchants have been migrated to VMM. Only minor problems were encountered. They are working on fixing those. Brooke and Skylar are working with a few merchants that have run into issues from the migration.

Reign of a new World

Reign of a new World

The plan moving forward is to shut down MagicBoxes August 17th. On that date MagicBoxes will STOP working. The XStreet market, the current marketplace, will come down on August 27th and they will run solely on VMM.  Continue reading

Viewer Managed Migration Starting

Linden Lab has announced that migration from the existing Second Life Marketplace to the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM) will start July 23, 2015. See: Viewer-Managed Marketplace Released: Migration Begins July 23, 2015.

All You Never Say ...

All You Never Say …

Migrations will start at 9PM PT and run to 9AM the following day. I expect this to take days, but may be not. You will get an email when they start and finish. Merchants with a large number (5,000+) of products will get advance warning of the pending migration.  Continue reading