Viewer Managed Marketplace Transition

At the Second Life™ Third Party Developer’s (TPD) meeting (7/31) Brooke Linden spoke. So, we know as of Friday, all merchants have been migrated to VMM. Only minor problems were encountered. They are working on fixing those. Brooke and Skylar are working with a few merchants that have run into issues from the migration.

Reign of a new World

Reign of a new World

The plan moving forward is to shut down MagicBoxes August 17th. On that date MagicBoxes will STOP working. The XStreet market, the current marketplace, will come down on August 27th and they will run solely on VMM. 

As to when the VMM Viewer will release, Brooke doesn’t know. A new version of the viewer was released in week 31. They will have more information on the viewer’s performance after the weekend… once they can read the stats on that viewer’s performance they can decide if it is ready to release. We may see it promote to the main viewer on or about Tuesday if things go well.

You may have noticed a new viewer did not promote to the main viewer in week 31. This was to allow the Lab to rollout the VMM Viewer this week if things go well. The Lab paces releases to avoid annoying users and they try to hold to that pace. So, I expect the VMM Viewer to roll out in week 32 if at all possible.

Brooke says they follow the commerce forum, which is where Firestorm support is sending people for help. Brooke also says they don’t interact with people that much in the forum even though they ‘pretty closely’ monitor it. They interact in JIRA because it is more effective… right. I suppose ‘more effective’ means easier and more efficient for the Commerce Team.

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One thought on “Viewer Managed Marketplace Transition

  1. Very well expressed Inara. I am not a merchant but listen to all the TPV meetings and was always struck by Brooke’s breathy promises to test this , monitor that about VMM during her many visits.

    It seemed snail paced to me but I thought VMM = money, revenue etc. so good approach.

    Then when pedal hit the metal or fingertip hit \start\ they launched without an official viewer, FS team AGAIN having to field the complaints and communication breakdowns.

    Either someone lower placed isn’t producing on time or upper management just wanted it out the door for a deadline regardless of state of finish. Or well, they8 did a crappy job and thought it was done ‘good enough.’

    70–seventy percent of grid is on FS. To shove this out the door before the bulk -vast bulk – of CUSTOMERS can access it with their chosen viewer is unprofessional and reckless. Some people are looking for reasons to bail before the new grid.

    One of the many reasons I use FS is because they don’t ship incomplete flawed goods.

    Ironic , FS acts like a for profit customer based entity . Linden, like a government sometimes, not a good thing.

    Ebbe should give the Commerce team a piece of paper and ask them how they intend to increase commerce by assisting creators to sell more , sellbetter etc. Those skills will be critical in the new grid.

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