New Sex in Second Life?

Yeah… people still have sex in RL & SL… Which group is having the most sex is debatable. Everyone participates in RL while only a few participate in SL. So, number-wise RL wins. But, what part of a person’s RL time is devoted to sex? Versus what part of an avatar’s time in SL is devoted to sex?

Ruckus Store – Smash Couch – May 2019

I don’t have the answers. As best I can tell no one knows. I suspect some log into SL only for sex. Those people would push the percentage of time for SL people higher. I also know a number of people that never and/or rarely have sex in SL and they would lower the percentage. So, who knows?

I suppose our opinions are colored by whether we are getting some or not. Whether we are or aren’t we have our ideas of how it goes. But, in Second Life there are so many OLD animations that user over and over. Now there are new strokes for the folks.

Second Life Adventures is a site that reports on the sexual adventures of a few residents and the commercialization of sex (think ‘how to’ sell it). There is a couple of articles about the experience of a resident creating a black female avatar and putting the girl to work.

While stories on the site are usually hot the photography is… not so much. But they give locations where people are happening, new twists, humorous encounters, and the strange. While these stories are entertaining there isn’t much useful information.

However, if a working-girl that has seen it all was impressed by a sex-couch and the animations, would you be interested? Those new strokes… I was.

OK… this is actionable information…

You’ll notice in the video that the animations are Bento. The hands are animated. Plus, these are unique animations. You haven’t seen them anywhere else. zOMG!

My hope is enough couches are sold that better actors can be hired for the video for the bed to be released in June (?).

My new Smash Couch – May 2019

The couch has a Land Impact of 2… TWO! Plus, it is Mod-OK. You can make textures for it and change colors beyond the included. Unfortunately, no UV Maps. So, you have to figure out how to get those. The animations are Copy-OK. However, some of the animations seem to be made specifically for use with this couch. Scripts are of course are No-Mod. The animation engine is AVsitter™ 2.1. I could conceivably put the animations and scripts in another prettier couch.

It costs L$1,500. Such a deal. I bought one. I’m not giving free demos.

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