More WILD Sex?

A couple of weeks back there was a splash in the SL blogosphere about the Ruckus Let’s Smash Couch. I wrote about it like 4 weeks ago. See: New Sex in Second Life? The remarkable part is the animations.


When answering a question in the forum about who is making good animations, I mentioned Ruckus. (Demo area Location NSFW – URL OK) Some of the people checked out the Let’s Smash Couch. Seems most were blown away. It is impressive.

Now there is a Ruckus Let’s Smash Bed… (MP URL SFW) Caroline (URL NSFW) at Second Life Adventures says it is better than the couch. You’ll find the demo in the Ruckus demo area. Every time I’ve been there someone is trying out the bed.

These are not animations you can just click through. They need to play for 30 seconds or more. These animations are named in these menus. The couch has them numbered, which is amazingly annoying. Try remembering which is which… much easier with names.

The bed also has sets for MFM and FMF. No MM or FF.

The couch, 200+ animations, costs L$1,500 and the bed, 80 animations with more coming, costs L$2,000. Going through the menus, they have about the same number of animations. I think the difference is 200 animations for 80 positions… each position having 2 or more animations. The FMF positions would have 3 animations. So, I am pretty sure Ruckus is mixing number types. Both have about 80+ menu items.

I don’t like the look of the bed… not my style. But, who looks at the bed while they hump? Also, the bed is Copy-Mod. So, I suppose with some effort I could change the bed.

I have yet to try all the animations. And one definitely needs a partner… or two. All I have to do is find a hunk that has this bed.

Caroline has still images on the Adventures site. (Which prove she’ll DO just about anything.) One needs a video or a personal experience to appreciate the animations. The animation of being picked up tossed on the bed and ravished is NOT going to be done justice by still images.

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