Second Life Marketplace Changes…

On the 22nd there was a Web Users’ UG meeting. I missed it. But, Grumpity Linden posted a list of Marketplace fixes, Recent Marketplace Deploys.

Once Upon A Dream

Once Upon A Dream


You may have astutely noticed that we had released a number of changes to the Marketplace recently.  Some of them were unintentional (more on that below), but here’s the good stuff:

  • Gift email was missing if the gift message was blank.  Everyone should get a gift email!
  • Residents with the last name Resident couldn’t leave product reviews.  That was bad, and is fixed.
  • Character count of product description included newlines and so was obviously wrong.  Righted that wrong.
  • Favorites which are no longer available are now marked as such, and can all be removed with a single click
  • Email changes on SL now propagate to the Marketplace.
  • Allow merchants to choose to list multiple “Custom Avatar Brand Names”
  • Retain “Sort By” preferences between pages and sessions.  Makes sense.
  • You can now remove items from the Related Items popup.
  • It’s “Land Impact” not “Prim Count”
  • The Mesh Quiz is a thing of the past.  It will stay in the past, but will surely live on in our memories.

But wait, there’s more! Coming soon: Wish Lists, Favorite Sellers, Autocomplete brand names, Fix for BUG-225307 (Related inactive items) , Fix for BUG-225309 (Sorting bug)

These are all welcome fixes.

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