Anna Ivanova, owner of the Genus Project, has provided an update on the legal drama washing over Genus products. You’ll find the update on Facebook. Since I hadn’t figured out how to link to a FB Post, I had to look it up. The time stamp at the top of a post contains a link to the post. Anyone can right-click copy that link and use it.

For those that do not know Genus Project makes products for Second Life™. The Genus mesh heads are somewhat popular. You can see people writing about them in the SL Forum.

Marketplace Store – As of today 9/3/2020, the mp store is still empty. Expect that to change as soon as the court verdict propagates through the system.

The original post is here. I’ve quoted the post below…

I have won. Partially. But still, I was able to prove that the truth is always on my side and it’s impossible to slander an honest person. Wanna know why I won partially? Because we haven’t been able to figure out who this toad person is. We haven’t been able to find this person yet but I’m sure that sooner or later he will face the consequences for his actions. And I assure YOU I will not give up trying to find YOU. Oh yes, I know that you read my FB and follow me here, because you have so much interest in what I do with my team.

So, today I want to share with you, GENUS customers, what happened during these few months of hell for me.

The person who did this thought out his plan very well, but I’m not stupid. Because of all this deception, which at first seems scary, I thought, is this really a coincidence? But no, when examining the details, I realized that someone was trying to frame me. Since YOU are reading my post too, you should know that your plan was revealed in 15 minutes that were spent on searching for information on Google.

So, what happened exactly? This person, I am sure, is a quite experienced second-life user, basically he copybotted my mesh from the game. And then, having some editing skills, he used Photoshop CS6 to create the AD. Do you know what’s the funniest thing? He called himself by my name and said that he has been developing mesh for a very famous game studio for 13 years. But in his vendor pic he used free renders from the stock. He created this vendor ad on April 6, 2020 (shortly before filing a fake copyright complaint against me), and uploaded this product to be sold on a third-party site.

Great, the ad was ready (render daz + render from the stock, and the mesh of the copybotted heads on top of this render). Then they came up with a fake address, fake phone number, FAKE lawyer from NY, cuz it’s not even in the database. They came up with a text about the alleged studio itself, that they have been doing this business for 13 years, and a list of claims they have against us. In the end, they ask to remove all Genus content from ALL of the inventories so that even a trace of mine will not remain in the SL – no store, no products – nothing.

The most disappointing thing to me in this whole situation is that I and my 5 lawyers were ignored for several months. Nobody wanted to answer me, all my letters were unanswered – no feedback at all. My lawyers received only references to the old letters and a copy of this complaint. And of course, nobody answered us from those fake addresses and phone numbers. After months of silence, we were finally able to achieve the result. A very famous and strong American lawyer took up the case. For which I am immensely grateful to him. I have received return-on-sale approval for all of my items and there is no longer any DMCA against GENUS Project. All charges were dropped. All copyrights for all my works are registered, all complaints and DMCA that are sent to me from now on will be invalidated. LL is notified of the registration of rights and trademarks.

During this time, I experienced severe stress, I could not sleep, I could not eat, the thought that I was considered a thief caused depression in me and anxiety. I wanted to give up on everything and leave. But I’m not used to giving up. I cried because I was treated unfairly and realizing how easy it is to frame the real author of works – it’s just insane.

That is why I just shout to everyone who is engaged in creativity and creates something – you should register the copyright for each of your work. So that no one can ever… ever do the same to you.

And to YOU, I say this – if you hate me and my brand so much, then don’t be a coward and tell me about it personally. If you want to compete with me, then learn how to work like me and do it honestly and professionally. Otherwise, you are a nobody for me, not a rival, not an enemy, just an empty spot – nothing. I am not afraid of weak people. Sit quietly in your hole so that you are not suddenly caught. The responsibility that you have taken upon yourself is so huge you could end up in jail.

Well, that’s about it, I said everything, I love you all, and I am proud that we are ALL – a big family. Me, you, everyone who loves Genus. I will reopen the store tomorrow. Until then, let’s celebrate this beautiful day. Or evening. #staystrong

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It is nice when things work out. It is a shame they had to work out.

The problem is DMCA walks over the American ideal of innocent until proven guilty by punishing the guilty and innocent based on accusation alone. This is a great example of how DMCA can be abused to harm another.

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