Second Life Photo Show Event

If you do photography in Second Life™ or consider it screen captures then you likely want better images. Possibly you may even want to create impressive images and sell them as NFTs.

Focus Magazine is putting on the FOCUS Photography Fair. They are promoting it as; Poses, Props, backdrops, lighting, and more.

Promo Poster

Having been there I can say they have done an impressive show. I’ve found a number of things I did not know were available in SL. Some of these items make it so If you are not an SL builder you can still manipulate the world to make the images you dream up.

I have found posing hands in Black Dragon especially tedious. There is a Bento Hand poser at the fair. It does a great job of allowing me to easily manipulate hands. Yay! But, I have to do that before I start BD’s Poser. Boo! Still it helps.

There are a number of photo-studios you can buy.

There is some impressive art on display by photographers advertising their services. Some are way talented capturing more than just an excellent image. They seem to be consistently capturing a “feeling” in their images.

There are some very hawt poses for males and females on sale. Women, be sure you check out the male Poses by Dean Bourne. Change my panties HAWT.

Seraphim has a big promo page for the fair up here.

Focus Magazine has their own website. For now, they are featuring the Photography Fair.

If you just want to get to the fair, try this LM (URL to SL maps).

FOCUS Photography Fair

Of course, Focus has an in-world group, Too Sexy for this Group (URL SL group). There is a Flickr group too. It uses the same name, Too Sexy for this Group (URL to Flickr). Both their Flickr and in-world groups are gentle places to hang. New photographers are not going to get criticized or ridiculed.

There is a lot to see at the fair. But be careful attempting to TP in region. All TP efforts take you back to the main landing point. Sitting on things works well in the region.

There are currently five photo changes with cash prizes being promoted at the Fair. Look on the North side, second level.

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