Second Life – Machinima Settings

Strawberry Singh has released a tutorial for those making machinimas using the Firestorm Viewer. You’ll find it here: Second Life Vlogging & Machinima Viewer Tips. It is, of course, a video but. It is backed up with a text version too, good for quick reference. Click the image to jump to YouTube.

Machinima Tips – Click for YouTube

I use both the Firestorm and Linden viewers for capturing video. I do think Firestorm is a better choice for most video capture scenarios. I used the Linden viewer as I better knew how to use its voice controls. As Learn how better to control sound I am moving to Firestorm. But, I was curious how many of the Firestorm features are in the Linden viewers.

As I worked through Singh’s list I found the Linden viewer has pretty much the same controls. But, they are way easier to get to and to use with Firestorm. If this were a ‘features’ contest, I would say Firestorm wins on presentation. Continue reading

Drax Does 360

This is pretty neat! Check it out. Start the video then click and drag inside the video. You can pause the video and drag around too.

Some of these 360 images and videos have not worked on my site, but this one does. Drax, et al, did good. I don’t know if it will work with VR. Let me know if you try it.

Since the Samsung 7’s are burning up, in recall, and dropped from production any phone upgrade I was thinking of is on hold. I expect the next gen of phones to have better VR support, Daydream. So, I’ll wait.

PS: 10/15 – Inara has a good write up on how the video was made. See: The Drax Files 41: animating Second Life.

How To Stream Second Life to YouTube Gaming

Streaming Second Life™ to YouTube Gaming (YTG) is easy. This is a tutorial based on my first successful try. It is not complete or as detailed as it could be and I’ll probably come back to it and add more or write another tutorial. Now lets get into the basic what we need to do.

The only geekie part is you may need to know your upload speed. You can find your actual speed by using Mine averages 6.6mbps. A safe value for me to use is 80% of 6.6 = 5.3mbps. But, I never HAD to know that to make my first stream.

Go to YouTube Gaming (YTG) and create a channel. (You can search on Second Life to see what channels are already there. To do that, click the GO LIVE link (button?) in the upper right of the page. It is an odd button, which is really a drop down. The first time you click it opens and gives you two choices, GO LIVE and UPLOAD Video. Click GO LIVE again.

YouTube Gaming - Upper Right of Home Screen

YouTube Gaming – Upper Right of Home Screen

From there walk your way through the  instructions. You’ll enter your name and possibly a phone number, if your new to YouTube (YT).  Whatever name you enter for the account will be displayed on the channel.

At the bottom of the page is a section labeled Encoder Setup. You need to copy the Channel URL and Key shown here and save it. You’ll possibly need that information later, depending on the encoder you pick.  Continue reading

Second Life: Interesting Viewer Add-On

Inara Pey has an article about a program named Reshade that can be used with Second Life™. The author calls it a post-processing injector for games… Post processing simply means processing an image after it is initially rendered or captured. The injection part is about setting the software up to capture images from your game software, in Second Life’s case: the viewer, by adding software to the viewer.

Last Samurai

Last Samurai – (Not via Reshader)

If you Photoshop images (post-process), I do, then this add-on allows you to do much of what you would do with PS but to machinima/video. I’ll call this software a baby sister to Adobe’s After Effects. It is limited compared to After Effects. But, is a great tool for almost free.

See: Reshade: post-processing Second Life in real time  Continue reading

Creative Commons & Open Source Music Review

Anyone doing machinima is likely going to want music they can add to their work. Times being tough most are looking for free stuff. So, legitimate free music sites are must for a machinamist’s tool collection.

Dance by: Nuno Duarte - Flickr

Dance by: Nuno Duarte – Flickr

Having just made a video for which I needed music I was interested when I saw a post on SLUniverse. The site WebDistortion was pointed to on SLUniverse by Free Xue (reference) with its 2009 collection of legally free music sites: 14 awesome open source music sites for digital creatives. I took a look at those and updated URL’s and decided to give a quick synopsis of what I found.

I would not call the majority of the sites listed in the article ‘awesome’. So, I did some more searching and found more sites. In the process I found Nancy Messieh’s 2013 list of 14 CC Music sites. There are more sites I would rate awesome in that list. (see the last link in my lists). Continue reading

Making Videos in Second Life

There are lots of tutorials on this subject. This article isn’t a tutorial. It is a collection of tutorials and information about making video using Second Life or any virtual world. I saw that Hypergrid Business has an article up titled: 5 tips for video tutorials and 3D simulations. The article is written by Ann Cudworth.

Image by Honour

Image by Honour

She manages to write the whole article without using the word Machinima. I’m not that much into Machinima so, there may be some nuanced difference between the terms machinima and video tutorials. But, I don’t see it.  Continue reading