Second Life – Machinima Settings

Cam Smoothing – There are 18 Debug Settings for the camera in the Linden viewer. The setting you’ll be interested in is CameraPositionSmoothing. I don’t see anything else that affects camera motion.

In Preferences->Move & View there are some camera settings.

The Linden viewer falls way short when it comes to camera controls. Firestorm’s and other third-party viewers with the Photo Tools feature are WAY ahead of the Linden viewer for camera control.

The real key to good camera control in SL is to have a 3D mouse, SpaceNavigator. You can usually find them cheap on eBay.



The camera motion controls; smoothing and transition do not affect a SpaceNavigator (SN). Nor do they have any effect on the transition from SN to standard mouse camera control, Flymode enable/disable. Pressing the Escape-key instantly pops you from SN camera Flymode to the last standard camera position.

Distracting Notifications – This is another area where the Firestorm viewer gives you way more control. The Linden viewer is limited to controlling what you can find in the list of Notifications. Preferences->Notifications.

There are 23 settings in Debug Settings. Search on ‘notifications’.

Set an Autoresponse – Not a Linden thing. You can set busy or away. That’s about it. Me->Status->Do not disturb. Be warned. This setting has some hazards, like delivering incoming things directly into the trash.

Hide IM Chat Chiclets – Turn off Chat Toasts – In the Linden viewer, these chiclets are pretty much called toasts. There are 26 settings for toasts in the debug settings. I’m not sure which ones turn them off. But, fortunately, the Linden viewer doesn’t have that many toasts and they are hidden along with UI.

I think EnableGroupChatPopups, EnableIMChatPopups, NearbyToastFadingTime, NearbyToastLifeTime, NotificationGroupChatOptions, and NotificationNearbyChatOptions are the ones to be tweaked. Obviously, Firestorm wins making things easy in this area.

So, while we can make some of the same changes, Firestorm has the controls we need out where we can get to them.

Sound Recording

You may want to record sound from SL. For instance, meetings like the Content Creation UG. The Firestorm and Linden viewers have individual voice control. In the Linden viewer, it is in the People panel, Nearby tab.

When voice is enabled there will be a dot to the right of a name. Click it and adjust the volume.

In Firestorm, the control in the top menu COMM->Nearby Voice.

I’ve found that with Firestorm I need to adjust the OBS input level down. This doesn’t always keep some individuals’ microphones for being overdriven, which garbles the voice. But, there is little we can do about how they have their computer set up. To some extent that can be corrected in Premiere or Audacity. That adjusting can be time-consuming and tedious. So, getting the best you can while recording makes it easier.

To some extent that can be corrected in Premiere or Audacity. That adjusting can be time-consuming and tedious. So, getting the best you can while recording to make it easier in post (?) production.



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