The Drax Files Episode #2

This video is about the mover behind the 1920s Berlin Project in Second Life™.

We know this person as Jo Yardley. She is inspiring. Drax wrote this on the YouTube site: 

Jo Yardley listens to Marlene Dietrich on a hand crank gramophone because she lives in Weimar era Germany and electricity is rather scarce: oh yes, although Frau Yardley lives in Amsterdam, her house is decorated with original furniture and accessories from the 1920ties and German magazines from the Interbellum Period are everywhere.

But Yardley, who is a historical consultant for film, TV and museums has done much more than opting out of microwaves, cell-phone and TV usage: inside the virtual world of Second Life, Yardley rebuilt a Berlin that is long gone, a Berlin, where ehrenwerte Damen sport cigarette-holders and gallant Herren are seen in three-piece suits rather than blue jeans.

This digital Berlin is home to the affluent who dance wide eyes shut straight through the roaring Twenties at the Hotel Adlon as well as the orphaned street children, begging for a few Mark to get through the day. 1920sBerlin in Second Life operates 24/7 and is complete with accurate signage, a functioning Zeppelin and a steam-engine Reichsbahn…so: let’s take a trip back in time!

I hope you will find ways to get this information out to friends and others unfamiliar with Second Life. Just posting about it in your SL related blogs is not much help. Also, while I like Plurk and Twitter, putting tweets in with #SL and #SecondLife hash tags is not much help. Use hash tags like #Berlin, #Germany, #History and whatever other pertinent tags you can think of.  Send a link in an email. If you post in other forums unrelated to SL, mention it there.

Be smart, creative, and honest with your promotion.

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