How To Stream Second Life to YouTube Gaming

The specs, if you want to make your own art template from scratch, are here: YouTube Gaming Channel Art. These pages seem to be updated to handle YTG. I was in the process of redoing my art. The TL:DR is:

  • Minimum width for channel art is 1546 X 423 px.
  • Maximum width for channel art is 2560 X 423 px
  • The flexible area is 507px of padding on left and right. Between that is the safe area which is what will be shown on ALL devices.

The previous safe area was: 1280x350px. These specs leave us with a safe area of: 1546x423px… I think that is correct. I have a JPG file with this template: YouTube Gaming Channel Art Template. The Photoshop file is here: Photoshop Template for YouTube Gaming Channel Art.

Don’t get too excited if the new image size doesn’t seem to work, on YTG. I had problems and filed a bug report. The problem was that Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Win10’s Edge don’t work the same as the Chrome browser. Everything ONLY looks right on both YT and YTG if you are using Chrome. On all the others the YTG image is messed up. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

If your YouTube Channel art is working and looking good, don’t worry about whether your YTG art looking right. They’ll fix it someday.

This is what my channels look like after I changed the channel art. YT puts my profile picture in the image.

New Template Shown on YouTube Using Firefox.

New Template Shown on YouTube Using Firefox.

Looks good on YT above. But, it sucks on YTG below. And the safe area… not really.

New Template @ YTG Shown Using Firefox

New Template @ YTG Shown Using Firefox

As I work more with streaming, I figure out more of it. But, I am started. Hope this helped you.

If you saw Jo Yardley’s article where she wants the Lab to add YTG streaming to the viewer…

There really isn’t anything the Lab needs to do to add streaming for YouTube. They could build an encoder into the viewer. But, then they would have to maintain it. I doubt many people would use it. More would than do now, but would it be enough to justify the work? I doubt it. So many more people have to wait for other features to be built than will ever use it.

We are free to do streaming or not. As it is now we are also free to use which ever encoder product we think is best.

3 thoughts on “How To Stream Second Life to YouTube Gaming

  1. I am going to try this with Open Broadcast Software which is free and open source. I’ve used it to record video from SL, but not yet got around to trying it with streaming.

    I have found that on older equipment like mine, you need to turn down the settings in the app and not go too mad in SL with the settings either.

    Good tutorial here and interesting to see how people get on with other streaming and recording solutions.

  2. WORTH NOTING: Streaming with YouTube Gaming is not enabled in some countries due to YouTubes fear of local copyright laws.

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