Creative Commons & Open Source Music Review

Anyone doing machinima is likely going to want music they can add to their work. Times being tough most are looking for free stuff. So, legitimate free music sites are must for a machinamist’s tool collection.

Dance by: Nuno Duarte - Flickr

Dance by: Nuno Duarte – Flickr

Having just made a video for which I needed music I was interested when I saw a post on SLUniverse. The site WebDistortion was pointed to on SLUniverse by Free Xue (reference) with its 2009 collection of legally free music sites: 14 awesome open source music sites for digital creatives. I took a look at those and updated URL’s and decided to give a quick synopsis of what I found.

I would not call the majority of the sites listed in the article ‘awesome’. So, I did some more searching and found more sites. In the process I found Nancy Messieh’s 2013 list of 14 CC Music sites. There are more sites I would rate awesome in that list. (see the last link in my lists). Continue reading