Second Life: Is VR Likely?

Remember. An animation file contains the instructions for how to move each bone of the avatar. So, we can only move in ways that are ‘on file’ and in a specific file in the asset warehouse. Every movement has to be pre-scripted.

i9-9900 – Promo Image

So, real-time animation anywhere in VR is rare. High-Fidelity, Rosedale’s new project, is attempting to add real-time facial expressions. Sansar isn’t, AFAIK. In SL we have facial animation HUDs that control avatar expressions and no effort to do any real-time animation. In SL we FAKE it, like the news.

So, VR… virtual REALITY isn’t likely… for most uses we call VR, not just SL. This isn’t something just SL has a problem with. It is an industry problem.

SL may get a simulated VR… we really need a more definitive name for what we see in Sansar and Second Life. We are watching a simulated virtual world via a 3D-rendering-headset we call a VR Headset that in our case, the SL case, has no component of reality. The headset doesn’t make what we are seeing virtual reality, which seems to be how everyone is using the term to hype their products.

Will Second Life get VR? In the literal meaning of the term, NO. Never… at least not until we get quantum-entangled network cards and more bandwidth. Quantum CPU tech for desktops would be nice, while they are at it. More speed and power are needed.

Will Second Life get what I am calling simulated VR? Probably. We are reasonably close now. But not real soon™.

The Lab is moving the server-side of the system to the cloud. That opens the possibility of more computer power at less cost. Desktops are currently looking toward Intel’s top gaming CPU the i9-9900k (3.5GHz which overclocks to 5GHz, with 8 cores and their threading thing making for 16 threads using 14nm tech). This year we will see the 10th generation CPU’s expected to use 10nm tech. So, more power and speed are coming.

For me the question isn’t will, but when.

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