Ebbe Altberg Interview Week 30

Jo Yardley points us to an interview with Ebbe on MMORPG.com: Linden Lab Looks to the Future of Online Experiences. There are a few interesting bits in the Interview. this is an article ABOUT the interview not a transcript.

233 Dance studio

233 Dance studio

Age limit: 13… really!?! Yes… Ebbe says the Lab has the experience to know how to separate content and keep the young safe. I suppose that means regions/experiences will have a rating and those will work with the viewer to limit access and exposure. Since users will be less anonymous by the time they have significant build rights this should an enforceable concept.

This also tells us we are going to have sex in Sansar, aka SL 2.0.

Exponential Population… Ebbe mentioned that current population limits in Second Life are 90 to 100 people. (I keep running into the 40 avatar limit.) He plans to increase that “exponentially.”

iOS and Android… for the first time I’ve heard Ebbe names these operating systems by name as systems they plan to support. The support is likely to be limited as Ebbe sees iOS and Android as being for consumers rather than creative types, buy not build. Still that support is years away. These devices just cannot provide the power needed to render a real time virtual world.

The Comments Section

The article allows comments. The ignorant and poorly informed turned out, they always seem to. But, there are some thinkers commenting too.

4 thoughts on “Ebbe Altberg Interview Week 30

  1. It’d be nice if we, the users of their current product Second LIfe, didn’t have to find out all the news about Sansar from Ebbe & co talking to other media.
    They could interview to SL bloggers, or dare I say it, communicate directly to their users?
    Thanks Nalates, for keeping us informed 🙂

  2. iOS is already rendering real time virtual worlds, have you seen Disney infinity toybox? It’s a stripped down version of the console/PC version, does not include the creator tools. By the time LL are ready to release, iOS devices will have triple the power to display 3D graphics have bigger screens and even plug into the TV. In terms of getting casual users to enjoy virtualworlds, I think a basic iOS viewer is a huge important aspect to Sansars future.

    • It is hard to know which way people are going. Apple Watch isn’t selling that well. Tablet sales are slowing. Desktops sales are way down.

      I do think mobile is important.

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