Second Life: Dr. Phil?

Oh noooo… everyone is writing about Dr. Phil doing a show on computer gaming. The show aired on CBS this Tuesday (7/14 – 3PM PT – I was working). For Second Life residents the big deal was to be some coverage of Second Life and an interview with Ebbe Altberg, the Linden Lab CEO.

Hurry and see the video. I’m not sure whether CBS will allow it to remain. 1/5/2016: Some have been removed others have remained. This one replaces the one I originally used.

Drax is said to have helped setup the in-world parts.

Dr. Phil visits Second Life and 1920s Berlin

Dr. Phil Features Second Life in Show on Game Addiction

I Met Dr. Phil in Second Life! – If you only have time for one, read Strawberry’s. She has a play-by-play of the show on Plurk.

3 thoughts on “Second Life: Dr. Phil?

  1. Here is the opening of the Dr. Phil episode, which is actually very positive toward SL ( the part at the end was edited in by Drax):

    SL CEO Ebbe Altberg’s actual part on the episode:

    Meanwhile here is also a recent HBO show that features a segment at the end about sex in SL. Warning, this one is very NSFW:

  2. Here’s a better YouTube video of the HBO episode (NSFW!)

    Nal: This is WAY NSFW!!! SL is at 20min mark.

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