Second Life: Avatar Complexity Released

…This week has been busy, RL. So, I’ve missed some of the goings on. One is the release of the Quick Graphics viewer as the main Linden Viewer. To learn more about the development process and history of this viewer and how it works see my articles on Avatar Complexity. Also, Inara has a good write up titled: Avatar Complexity and Graphics Presets in Second Life…. Continue reading

Second Life Third Party Viewer Meeting 4/8

…ea control of rendering will remain a setting but sort of be combined with complexity. Setting Complexity to the ‘unlimited’ max, essentially turning it off, will also cancel the surface area limit setting. The result is you will be able to ‘effectively’ turn off Jelly Babies. The problem with completely turning off Complexity is it makes the viewer vulnerable to graphics crashers. So, it is probably better to set Complexity limit at a high value,… Continue reading

Second Life Needs… What?

…of Avatar 2.0 acceptable? Can Oz and crew mitigate the attraction of SL2’s Avatar 2.0 (well their avatar 1.0 but you know what I mean… I hope) Scripting Shug gets into scripting. I think I am a bit more of a scripter than Shug, but not an expert by any measure. However, from all I have heard her idea of the Lab tackling scripting is something that won’t happen in SL1. Too many Lindens have said too many time, ‘No Way!’ That doesn’t mean we won’t s… Continue reading

Second Life’s Render Complexity – Discussion Starting

…fferent ways. We call the result character. So, the SL Forum discussion of Avatar Complexity Information (ACI) feature in the current RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version can be expected to show the variety of ways people cope… or don’t. Knowledge and ignorance are both on display too. As is character or the lack of it. Rendering Complexity / Quick Graphics – This is a thread started by the Lindens. They are asking for feedbac… Continue reading

Second Life Has New Avatars?

…he mesh body avatars are now labeled with ‘mesh’. I think Amy is cute. Her Avatar Complexity rating is way low, 7,190… My nude self is twice that without my genitals attached. Amy’s other Complexity Information; 2.68m2 and 50kb, are also amazingly low. The image captured in wireframe below shows the clothes are all low poly and still look good. They also animate well. I tried on 6 of the avatars and outfits. From the Library it isn’t possible to d… Continue reading

Second Life & Sansar: What did we learn?

…ventory into multiple experiences? Ebbe says they will start with humanoid avatars. I assume there will be a default avatar common to all experiences. In the future they will support more types of creatures. There will be some avatar shaping. They are working on how to make clothes fit and easier to wear and change. But, on day one there will seem to be less choice in Sansar than in SL. But, the system is being designed to allow more choice and ea… Continue reading

SL2 Ebbe Altberg Update

…ins , shapes and other avatar components will be totally different coz all avatars will be mesh avatars Well, first of all all avatars are mesh, even the default SL Avatar is a mesh. And again, when you can import an SL Avatar as legacy character, then it can use its skins, its shape and its animations. LL can access the data, they can easily convert the data into a form that will work in the new system, regardless of how it will be constructed (p… Continue reading

Second Life – Content Creation UG Meeting 5/27/2017

…user input. Check out the JIRA entry if you are into animation and custom avatars. Changing Avatar Limits (Population – 47:25) Vir doubts there will be a need to reduce population limits based on animated objects in a region. Limiting the number of animations played (48:50) It may be necessary to change the limit on how many animation can be played simultaneously. There are tools that play one animation per bone… posing tools… Medhue says the cat… Continue reading