Second Life & Sansar: What did we learn?

A Lab Chat meeting with Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab CEO, was yesterdays (1/21) big event. We learned new things about Second Life™ and Project Sansar. We are starting to see reaction from a few to the new information.

Lab Chat - 2016-01-21

Lab Chat – 2016-01-21

I am paraphrasing what I heard on the audio and I’ve shortened it. For some questions the answers were repeating what was said earlier. So, I’ve included time marks to you can easily find the actual statements in the audio stream. I have also expanded on what Ebbe says from what I believe is implied. Take that with however much salt you feel is appropriate.  Continue reading

Second Life: No Interest?

With concurrent user count recently peaking at 57,000± and user group meeting attendance low I think it is fair to ask if people are losing interest in what’s happening in Second LifeTM. The answer is one of those things that is very subjective, because it is so difficult to get objective or complete information. So, most answers are opinion.

We see attendance at user group meetings at 10 to 25 people. Yet, we see 4 regions fill up for Firestorm meetings. The video above shows the casting call for Project Bento. About 10 people attended and 4 of use were bloggers or people managing the event.  Continue reading

A Lab Chat Web Site?

Did you know there is a Lab Chat web site? There is. You’ll find it here: The site is run by a team of Second LifeTM residents; Draxtor Despres, Gentle Heron, Marianne McCann, Elrik Merlin, Petlove Petshop, Inara Pey, Aisling Sinclair, Arduenn Schwartzmann, DevinVaughn, Saffia Widdershins, and Jo Yardley.

Cheers @ Corruption

Cheers @ Corruption

According to the blog’s ABOUT the team is planning to invite various media people from Second Life to make presentations at Lab Chat. In the first post about Lab Chat in the SL Blog the plan was stated as; Continue reading

Ebbe and Lab Chat

Canary has a nice summary of the First Lab Chat meeting. See: The Linden Lab Chat summarized in 7 minutes. It is a 5 to 7 minute read. This one is like 2,700 words. At 200 to 250 words per minute that is 11 to 15 minutes read time. Way less than listening to the 90 minutes audio of the meeting.

I put my thoughts at the end, page 4.



The meet makes it clear, at least to me, that the Lab is working to promote Second Life™. They are spending ad money and actively working to figure out what works best with new users via A/B testing in SL. They say they are making small advances at several levels.

When asked about gateways, Ebbe tells us that the current ‘beta’ (?) gateways are not producing any better results than the Linden Welcome and Learning Islands. We don’t know much about the current gateways. We do know Firestorm has theirs in place. But, some concerns about the current gateway API they can use has stopped them from pulling their promotional trigger. To me that calls into question the importance of a statement that no gateway has outperformed the Linden entry points.  Continue reading