SL’s Male Strip Clubs 2022

Male Strip Clubs

  1. BOYEURISM Urban Male Strip Club – Big place
  2. Nutz Strip Club – Nice club, prices posted, primarily a guy club for guys
  3. Club Angels Breath, Strip Club – Typical strip club for guys.

I searched on ‘male strip clubs’ and didn’t find what I expected. The clubs were either men stripping for men or women stripping for men. I went through several.

I tried ‘female strip clubs’ and got what you would expect, women stripping for men.

Wolf Lodge – Not a Strip Club

Next, I tried ‘male dancers’. That did a little better, but not much nor as well as one might expect.

  1. KingdomCumm Male Revue (NOW HIRING) – Find the nearby teleport to get up to the club. You are warned you have 15 minutes to start tipping dancers or be ejected. This is a true male dancer’s place. Hot dancers.
  2. Chippendales Tribute Shows ~ Longest Running Male Revue in SL – Sounds interesting. But this appears to be only a booking agency for dances. They do provide a ‘What’s Hot Now’ places page (link).


It seems finding a good bar for a lady’s night out is not that easy. I am surprised. I also wonder if I am missing a search term that would bring up a load of places…

If not… this is really depressing.

One thought on “SL’s Male Strip Clubs 2022

  1. Try Caesars, they opened shortly after you posted this, and that is exactly what they offer, and they have ladies nights weekly!

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