SL’s Male Strip Clubs 2022

I hang in the SL forums these days… well… more like look through them once a day and post now and then.

I notice some women were talking in one of the threads were about going for a girls’ night out. They couldn’t find a male strip club. Wait… what? I and a couple of my friends used to go club-hopping to watch the guys. We didn’t have a shortage of clubs to choose from… So whasup?

Male Dancer Club

It was suggested they search on CFNM… aka Clothed Female Nude Male. Really!?! That seemed pretty esoteric. But… there are 35 listings for such places in SL.

The CFNM List

  1. Miss Dy’s CFNM – No events listed
  2. CFNM Mansions – In search but gone from grid
  3. FEMDOM & submissive RETREAT CFNM CMNF – Tiny place
  4. CFNM Mansion – Clothed Female Nude Male – Active place 9 AM SLT – Upstairs has beds and toys
  5. Wolf Lodge CFNM (Var’s Corner) Female Tag Jazz Bar – Quarter sim – Beautiful lodge
  6. CFNM MANOR “WELCOME HOME“/ Angel Center/Darling Creations – Constant warnings from a security orb. Never got TP’d home.
  7. Fuck and Sex Club – CMNF CFNM Gym Voyeur Cageroom RLV – 5 or 6 areas; lesbian, BDSM, etc.
  8. Cobalt Noir CFNM femdom castle caves and horse trails – Femdom – Lots to explore – Photo ops
  9. Tavern in Briar Rose Realm! – Welcome! – The tavern is a small part of a 6-region kingdom, medieval.
  10. WTF Travel ((OFFICE, SECRETARY, ADULT RP)) – Nice little office scene with appropriate toys.

Only 8 of the 35 search results for CFNM are actually CFNM places. Strip clubs for women’s enjoyment do seem to be rare.

More pages… links below.

One thought on “SL’s Male Strip Clubs 2022

  1. Try Caesars, they opened shortly after you posted this, and that is exactly what they offer, and they have ladies nights weekly!

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