Blender 2.7 Texture Painting Tutorial

I’m not that great at texture painting in 3D. I am trying to get better. So, when this video caught my eye, I checked it out. Blender Character Texture Painting (Play List).

Darrin Lile made the videos. I think he did a good job. There are six in the set, each about 15 minutes long. I found them clear and well explained.

I want to put way more detail in some of the stuff I am doing. But, this is a good basic ‘how to’ tutorial. The last video on baking and converting to Cycles is nice and clear.

Well done. Thanks Darrin.

Slink Developer Update is Out – Bento Hands

I like Slink and I’m playing with making clothes for my Slink Body, attached mesh and applier type clothes. So, I’ve been hoping this update would provide a bit better help for the applier clothes. Nope.

Slink Blender File May 2017

This kit is for those making mesh clothes.

I received an email letting me know:  Continue reading

Blender Easy Retopology?

For some of the stuff I make, I need to do a lower poly final version for use in Second Life.  Rico Cilliers has a demo of doing retopology on YouTube. See Manual Retopology in Blender- Tips and Tricks.

I saw several tricks that are new to me.

For Second Life, I do a high poly first design. Not as dense as his dragon head. But, I don’t do a load of sculpting. But, for my starting work, I am concentrating on appearance and fit. Then I do a retopo for my SL high poly where I concentrate on reducing poly count. I use this for the first two and sometimes three SL LoD models. Then do another retopo for the 3rd or 4th SL LoD model. So, these tricks will be way handy for me.

The last time I published anything on Blender Retopo was 2012-13.

I think being able to do a good retopo is key to making great looking low ACI clothing.

Second Life – Slink Update?

Check this video…

This video is about how to use AvaStar and the Slink Developer Kit. If you notice the file name in the top menu of Blender you’ll notice is says: …\BentoVersionMarch2017\… My kit is labeled March 2016. So, to me this means an updated kit, which would be great as the current one is a bit of a PITA.

The video was posted to YouTube May 19, 2017, last Friday. In it Siddean Munro uses AvaStar2.0.30 and Blender 2.78. AFAIK, the latest versions are 2.0.45 and 2.78c… with 2.79 getting close to release.  Continue reading

Second Life – Please tell us…

Mesh Body Addicts is running their first survey of 2017. Please stop by and answer the questions. There are only 13… Luckily it isn’t Halloween. No fear.

See: Mesh Body & Head Survey 2017

I’ll have more to say about this video in a following article.

Daria lists 26 bodies in the survey when asking which you wear most often. 26! Plus, “other”… Amazing. In only a few months we have a load of competing brands and models. Continue reading

Second Life: Got Talent? Win Money

Another photo contest! 1st prize L$1,000.00. Not bad.


MH❤CONTEST 05-2017

The theme for the contest is: H2O with at least 1 item from the Moustique Heartsdale Marketplace Shop worn.


The group’s pictures are here. Not necessarily safe for work… NSFW.

Second Life: Will We Bake Our Mesh Body Avatars?

The idea of baking mesh avatars has been a subject coming up in the Content Creators UG over the last couple of weeks. The idea is to change how mesh avatars work. If you don’t understand how a Classic body layers work now, this may be confusing. I’ll try to sort it.

Mechanical beauty

Mechanical beauty

Starting back a couple of years, the Lindens added Server Side Appearance baking (SSA). The Classic avatar is made of three separate parts; head, upper body, and lower body. The parts allow layering of textures placed on the Classic body. Sort of like sticking decals one a top another.  Continue reading

Slink Male Dynamic Hands Released

I just saw an in-world notice that Slink has released their Male Dynamic Hands, or AKA Bento hands.

If you already have Slink hands then this is just an update, no cost. Just visit the in-world Slink store (map URL) and click redeliver.

What you get depends on which hands package you purchased. If the full pack, you get the full HUD that has all the hand poses.

I’ve been wearing my Dynamic hands since they came out. Love them. Of course none of my rings work any more and nails have to be Slink or Slink Bento nails.