Second Life Bits 2018 w/40

Uploading Mesh – Beq Janus has an article on her blog explaining some of the esoteric aspects of understanding mesh uploading to Second Life™. See: Shedding light on Mesh uploading.

🐼 718 🐼 Blueprint Event Uber Event

🐼 718 🐼 Blueprint Event Uber Event

Beq is working on the Firestorm Viewer’s mesh upload panel. So, now is a good time to be providing her feedback and ideas you think would make the uploaded easier to use or understand.

The article also defines some of the terms in use in the uploader that you may have misunderstood. Some of those ‘the word means… Y but here we are using it to mean X’ type of things.

Slink Modeling – There are a number of new videos about adapting Slink Original to Hourglass to Maitreya and visa-versa.

In Slink’s Discord tips and tricks my articles show as the first two… at least in my Discord. I think that is kinda neat.

09/24/2018 From Siddean: @everyone I have just updated the female Slink kit .blend in the dropbox zip file – I replaced the pelvis area of the main body files with the pelvis helper mesh to make fitting underwear and swim things easier without having to switch to a different mesh. The new version number is 10 so go download it!

Seraphim Discord – Seraphim is an event sponsor… promoter. They have/had a HUD that allowed me to follow events and TP to them. Then it stopped working. But, a bunch of things in SL that access servers stopped working.

However, official word is the HUD is shut down from the Seraphim side of things. An official announcement is here: Seraphim In-World HUD announcement. So, obviously I don’t check the Seraphim blog often enough.

Yesterday, Seraphim announced they have opened a Discord channel. See Seraphim is now on Discord. Which is how I got info on what happened to the HUD.

The channel is new. So, I’m not sure how useful it is going to be. For now, I have Seraphim in my Feedly and it checks the blog every day so I can keep up.

The blog has interesting announcements like;

IHeartF & Co is having a New Sim Opening Sale, October 4 – October 11, Genre:  Female Clothing, and for the opening the entire store is discounted by 15%, excluding gachas. Teleport to IHeartF & Co

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