Maitreya v5 Update

Additional Body Parts – I am not at all sure about this feature. There is an attachment and a HUD. The parts are Breasts, Nipples, Belly Button, Pelvis, TOE-CAPS Normal, and TOE-CAPS All. There is an opacity slider and a color selector for tinting.

Toe caps are for stockings. I can’t really say how they work as my demo did strange things that made no sense to me.

Feet and Hands – The Maitreya feet and hands are just OK, IMO. The feet have 5 positions from flat to tippy-toe (ballerina-like). Click the foot image and both left and right foot change. Click the L or R and just that foot changes.

The hands have 14 poses and they animate cycling through the normal at rest-like poses. I really like the animations. There are 14 colors of nails and 5 nail shapes, 3 flat tipped and 2 pointy. You can hide the nails too.

An ankle lock is built into the HUD.

Unlimited Saves – This feature is not included in the demo. This is a different type of ‘save’ and a bit complicated. Maitreya has added “Save Sticks”. Resident, Orwar explains how to use them: (ref)

  1. Rez a save stick from the body’s folder on the ground.
  2. Rename the stick so that you know which one it is (i.e. for which outfit you’ll be using it).
  3. Pick the stick up (right-click and take), by default it’ll end up in the body’s folder – I’d suggest making a separate folder for them.
  4. Add the stick, it’ll end up on your HUD by default (which is where you’ll want them).
  5. Use the Maitreya HUD to pick which alpha cuts that you want to use.
  6. When your alpha is complete, click the save stick and ‘Save All’.
  7. Add the stick to your saved outfit.
  8. Whenever you switch outfits, the save stick will appear as a HUD – just click it and ‘Load Alpha’/’Load All’.
  9. When your alpha is loaded, detach the stick from your HUD.

  You now have unlimited save slots, compared to the 5 save slots on the old body. 

A complaint that came up is one has to set the body to all visible before applying a Stick. The Stick does not reset the visibility settings already in use.

I think that is by design. This way allows the Sticks to be additive. I can save a Stick with a skirt and another Stick with a blouse. Including the skirt and blouse and the Sticks within an outfit lets the system add them both without one canceling the other.

6 thoughts on “Maitreya v5 Update

  1. “What is missing from Maitreya is Slink’s Shirt Stretch, Smooth Panties, and Smooth Bottom. In Slink these are HUD clicks. They are used to get a shirt to stand away from your breast bone and remove the camel’s toe.”

    That’s what the “BoM Add-On Parts” attachment does.

  2. I haven’t played around with the BOM stuff much in the add 5 update, only really experimented using the BOM relay in 4.1 but from what I gather with the applier clothes to not look like they stick to the skin , stand away from breast and remove camel toe etc…that feature is explained around the 20 minute mark in Naria’s video.

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  4. Are you able to advise whether V5 Maitreya is ‘doing a Legacy’ and using a weird server situation for the body?

    The reason I ask is because the V5 HUD is often painfully slow to load anything when changing skins from applier to BOM and back again (or both at the same time as the case may be), which I often have to do several times a day while juggling an assortment of bento heads.

    Normally it’s not too bad, but today it was being a pill with applier skins until I was forced to give up and return to a full body BOM skin.

    Why would V5 be unresponsive if it wasn’t server reliant the way Legacy is?

    Try as I might, I don’t recall this occurring with the previous version?

    • AFAIK, Maitreya doesn’t to an external server thing. Legacy and other merchants (Casper) run external servers which are not associated with Linden Lab. They may be on Amazon or Go Daddy.

      The slow change between an applier and BoM is NOT a Maitreya thing. That is a BoM thing. My Slink body has the same delay. You can see it is separate when adding a system tattoo or alpha layer. The body will go grey as the textures are sent to the bake engine (an SL server) and the viewer waits for a composite texture to be returned. The delay is in the Linden system.

      That an applier skin is being slow is likely in your connection or delays in the region. An applier skin only has to download from the asset system so it should be as quick to render as any other texture.

      Any ‘body,’ applier or not, will be slow to rez if the region, asset system, your network, and/or your viewer is lagging.

      The delays are not Maitreya version dependent. The tech the v5 depends on is old except for the BoM addition and SL has used server-side bake for the classic avatar for years now. So, the problem is NOT in Maitreya. Don’t confuse the apparent correlation with actual causation.

      • Thanks for explaining, Nalates.

        It’s only that these delays weren’t an issue with BOM/applier skins and alphas on the V4 Maitreya HUD – only with V5 – so we’re just trying to understand what’s changed (aside from the V5 HUD having a bit more functionality included).

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