Second Life Bento 2017 w04

The Bento Project User Group has changed to the Bento Developers User Group. Discussion is about Bento problems being encountered.

Nimoe *Rain of red petals*

Nimoe *Rain of red petals*

I’m still a bit loopy recovering from pneumonia. I messed up the video of this meeting. Oops.

One of the problems is the BVH animation files. The SL viewer-server upload of BVH runs an animation optimization process. Movements smaller than a certain amount are removed. This is creating a problem for those animating the new facial bones. Small movements are needed for subtle facial expressions. The BVH process filters them out. Continue reading

AvaStar 2.0-24 Almost Released… sort of…

Gaia has a new post up on According to the announcement they have reached the end of design and are going into a user-testing phase. Those that have filed trouble tickets on the Machinimatrix bug reporter will get their copies of 2.0-24 first. The rest of us, later.

There is a load of documentation in this announcement. So, check it out.

There are people using a 2.0 version for their main production tool. However, others are having problems. I think many of the problems are from a lack of documentation. It is hard to keep the docs up to date with an in-development product. Much less make the video tutorials.

If AvaStar 2.0 finalizes we will start to see more tutorials arriving.

Second Life: Cheap Thrills

Cheap is good. Thrills are… well… thrilling. So, where do you get yours? Thrills…

I was playing around and got a notice that the Cheap Thrills show was about to start. For whatever reason, I decided to check it out. I was impressed.

I took the opportunity to video the show. It lasts an hour. I didn’t want to make an hour-long video. So, I edited out lots of the show. But, there is enough to give you an idea of what it is like. I took out some of the more interesting parts… I didn’t want to spoil the surprises.

The show is impressive. SL tech is put to surprisingly good use. Slick presentation. A few very good illusions are used. The choreography obviously requires some serious animation effort.  Continue reading

Second Life: Project Bento goes GOLD

This morning about 11:30 AM The Lindens announced Project Bento is now live. The main Linden viewer has updated to include Bento. Firestorm has talked about releasing their Bento capable viewer next Monday the 12th. I suspect if things go well for them they will release an update. But, FS is picky about quality, so there could be delays. Still I’ll bet on next Monday.

The Firestorm viewer is used by half to three-quarters of SL users. The Linden viewer is used by a quarter to a third of SL users. So, until Firestorm adopts something many developers and merchants consider too few people as being able to use the feature to justify releasing products using the feature. Continue reading

Second Life Tool nPose Change

nPose is a tool for adding animations to things. It avoids pose balls, handles multiple people and animations… generally a good useful tool. It isn’t the easiest to use but, once learned it is handy and quick. Today I saw a notice that Howard Baxton, nPose lead programmer, is stepping down. He provided this notice 11/12/2016:



Have no fear!  The future of nPose is solid and progressive.  The only difference is I will not be involved.  Leona has agreed to pick up the pieces and move forward.  Her scripting and organizational skills are far better than mine so expect nPose to have a new face lift.

Leona has been involved with nPose since before the 2.0 release and has made most of the contributions to what nPose has become.  I know she is working on even more exciting features which you will see in the next release.  I am very grateful for all of her hard work and feel badly I am leaving her even more.

Please give Leona all the same support you’ve given me.  She will give everyone a great and amazing nPose.



The nPose headquarters are here. (Map URL) You’ll find demos and tutorials on using nPose.

Bento News w/44

Strawberry Singh has a video out on the Catwa mesh head. It covers the features of the mesh head very well. Her article, Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head, provides more detail. Some of the minor problems with the head are touched on. Most impressive are the facial expressions (TM 12:00).

The last half of the video is showing the sliders at work.

Bento is still in Beta and a release candidate viewer is required to see Bento mesh items correctly. So, I think it is still too early to be buy Bento products. The designers have things yet to figure out, problems to find, and labeling to establish.

Project Bento Update 2016 w43

Not much happening Project Bento Development; bug fixes, consideration of the legacy animation incompatibility… that is about it.

We get word that the Firestorm ‘beta’ viewer now in testing by the Firestorm testers is providing more information. I suspect the Lindens are watching to see how many legacy animation problems are reported. Actual discussion gives me the impression the Lindens are not happy with any of the work arounds they and others have come up with to resolve the problem. It looks to me like they will break the legacy content as there is likely fewer defective old animations than new Bento animations. Continue reading