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I’ve talked to some people that are considering buying a mesh head. Some… not that many.

I am finding a number of people want to keep their ‘look’. They want a mesh head that will let them duplicate their classic head’s look. Sort of a don’t-change-my-face thing. Similar to the Standard Size thing… people wanted THEIR shape, not a standard shape.

I’ve worked on my look for a LONG time. Every 3 or 4 months I do some tweaking. So, my look has changed over the years. I thought I was keeping it pretty close to my 2008 look, just better-quality skin. But, I’ve been told not so much…

I’ve only been working on this new head’s look over a couple of days.

I have found out in the process that distance and lighting have a BIG impact on how I see my avatar. Of course, the skin is a BIG factor. I just didn’t realize how much distance affects the look.

Classic to Bento – Close

I use the CalWL setting anytime I need to match some colors. It brings out details, a challenge for those of us with dark skin. It minimizes shadows too.

On distance, 2 or 3m away seems to be a good distance for comparing. As I get the camera closer, the lens warp gets worse and the face is misshapen. But, being close allows one to see detail and small change. I think the Appearance Editor uses a decent compromise on distance.

The images here show my faces up close and at a distance. I think the faces look more similar at a distance, less camera warp.

Whatever the case, I’ll likely be tweaking for some time to come.

4 thoughts on “What’s in My Head…

  1. I knew Munch for a long time and have several custom skins by her.
    She stopped making skins NOT because of copybots but because of a progressive physical disability that was making it difficult to impossible for her to do the work.
    We still have her vendors out in Brocade, although there is little interest any more.

    • I was more in the ‘knew of’ category and only heard Munch’s rants on copyboting and threats to stop making skins.

      Thanks for the information.

  2. One really great feature of GA.EG is the animation hud. I’m surprised you didn’t cover that in more detail considering how much better it is compared to all the other big brands.

    Also, one thing I find helpful is using ctrl+0 a couple of times when working closely with mesh heads. It eliminates most of the camera distortion. ctrl+9 resets to normal.

    • Thanks for saying… This is my ONLY mesh head. I wasn’t really into the animation controls as I went through the demos. So, I don’t know what a pain the others are.

      The Ctrl-0 is a good idea. I use 8, 9, 0 for other things… So duh me…

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