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I’ve been looking for a mesh head for a long time. When it comes to my avatar’s appearance I get picky. My first skin was free and came from a strip club. I then spent months finding the just right skin. I finally decided on a Nomine WL Mocha skin by Munchflower Zaius, an artist that gave up creating because of copyboting (still in Marketplace). It was my first ever big purchase. Paid for from dancing-stripping, camping, and money trees in 2008.

Classic to Bento – Distant

I tend to spend months playing with demos and talking with people when I buy my first body anything. So, feet then hands, then body and now head. Also, I had hoped Slink would come out with a Bento head. But…

I like my classic head. So, I wanted a head that would allow me to have a very similar face. That was harder than I thought. I went through a lot of heads and spent days making shapes. I decided I would never get the look I wanted with some popular heads.

I decided on GA.EG’s Jennifer head. Very quickly I got near the shape/look I wanted. Plus, an included skin matched my favorite YS&YS’ Viola skin. That greatly simplified the addition. I had been planning on having to buy a new skin. My YS&YS to too old to have appliers for Omega and does not have any head applier. Still, I may get a skin with an applier for this new head.

Cost… I heard heads cost about L$5,000. So, I planned on that. The GA.EG Jennifer head cost me L$2660 with the group 5% discount (L$140 saved). Sounds like a deal. It is. But, by the time I got the add-ons I wanted I ended up spending L$4755. I wanted 5 add-ons and 2 facial animation packs. I’ll probably get more facial animations.

All the basics were in the head’s HUD; eyelashes, lipstick, blush, etc… but, they are very limited. I needed some color… 2 eyeshadow sets, 1 set of lashes, 2 sets of lipsticks. These are going to add some serious time to building outfits. They are so fun to play with.

Subtle Bewitched lip and nose shift – The animation does the cute nose wiggle-waggle

On the animation side, 2 packs – sexy and funny. The Bewitched emote in the Funny Emotes couldn’t be passed up. Had to have it. The static version of the Bewitched emote I really like.

The head comes with two HUD’s. The Jennifer Smart Hud, for the skin, lashes, etc. Another for animation, the Jennifer Bento Facial AO. All the makeup add-ons and animation packs load into these two HUD’s.

The GA.EG Jennifer Smart HUD -Add-ons section

Warning – DO NOT reattach the HUD’s to a different slot. I did. They work fine, but I had to edit the rotation of the X & Z axis by 90° to make them visible. Otherwise, they are transparent. Of course, if you know how to edit HUD’s, it is an easy fix… once you get past the ‘where did it go!?!’ stage.

I moved the Smart HUD from its Top-Left position because it conflicted with the Slink HUD. When dressing I want both HUD’s up. The AO HUD attaches Top-Right like a ton of other HUD’s do. I’ll deal with it.

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4 thoughts on “What’s in My Head…

  1. I knew Munch for a long time and have several custom skins by her.
    She stopped making skins NOT because of copybots but because of a progressive physical disability that was making it difficult to impossible for her to do the work.
    We still have her vendors out in Brocade, although there is little interest any more.

    • I was more in the ‘knew of’ category and only heard Munch’s rants on copyboting and threats to stop making skins.

      Thanks for the information.

  2. One really great feature of GA.EG is the animation hud. I’m surprised you didn’t cover that in more detail considering how much better it is compared to all the other big brands.

    Also, one thing I find helpful is using ctrl+0 a couple of times when working closely with mesh heads. It eliminates most of the camera distortion. ctrl+9 resets to normal.

    • Thanks for saying… This is my ONLY mesh head. I wasn’t really into the animation controls as I went through the demos. So, I don’t know what a pain the others are.

      The Ctrl-0 is a good idea. I use 8, 9, 0 for other things… So duh me…

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