Second Life Mesh Enablement

Thinking about uploading mesh? There are some issues. Intellectual Property Rights are at issue. To keep things at least somewhat in check, residents will have to become Mesh Upload Enabled. So… how does one do that?

A new SL Wiki page tells us how to become enabled. See Mesh Upload Enablement

The basics are pretty simple. One must complete a Mesh Tutorial and take a test, which neither has been created yet, or at least there are no links to them. And one must have payment information on file for the avatar, in other words, a RL identity is required. Once those items are complete, a value in your user profile is set to show you Mesh Upload Enabled… which obviously means you be a bomb.

To start the process, one attempts to upload a mesh. The step by step is on the Wiki page.

Your ability to upload mesh can be revoked. If the Lab decides you have violated the ToS in regard to Mesh Uploading your ability to upload mesh can be canceled. Retaking the tutorial and having payment information will NOT restore your ability. You’ll have to get things worked out with Linden Lab to get your ability restored.

I guess those complaining about the Lab’s handling of IP matters should be happy. I suppose real satisfaction will depend on what the Lab does with violators. But, this is an interesting step.


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